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Type your prayer request into the form and click send prayer.  I will receive your prayer and pray for you.  

No request will be denied.   You can request a prayer for anything or anyone.  I will hold the energy of your request in a field of love and light.  Yes!  Animals count.  All you have to do is release your worry or concern and we will surrender together.

If you would like to share your prayer request with the public, please click the circle on the form.  This means your prayer request will be published on  If you don't, your prayer will remain anonymous.

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Freedom of expression. Unconditional love for all energies.  Non-denominational affiliation with Spirit.  Surrender for  the highest good of all. is a contemporary art experimentation with connecting energies over the field of consciousness.  This website is a oneness network. It is activated with love, to ease the suffering of others, and also to grace the path of all light energy beings. 

Welcome.  What helps one, can help many.  Share your prayer.

Surrender as one.   

The Maharishi Effect 1978

The Power of Group Prayer

Prayer, meditation, or simply communing with the energy of the multiverse, not only benefits each individual, it also serves to raise the overall frequency and level of consciousness on the planet.

According to the unified field superstring theory in physics, waves of vibration flow from everything in the universe and are felt in the collective consciousness.

A 1993 Washington, D.C. study proved the energy of group meditation lowered violence and crime by 23% during an 8-week period. 

By gathering as a group, with the intention to connect to, and share energies of peace, love, compassion, and forgiveness, a oneness network is created that acts as a portal to amplify vibratory coherence. 

When communing with others, these qualities are shared and intensified.  Brainwaves synchronize, and the collective unifies to strengthen intention.  

This not only deepens individual practice, it supports going further into the unknown of self, which is the unknown of all. 

By attuning to each other’s infinite potential, we magnify, and imprint a higher consciousness of possibility.  This opens up space for new ways of being with each other based on vibrations ofunconditional love and acceptance.

When we give of ourselves to the other, when we share in experience as one, we have the potential to heal ourselves and humanity.

Our consciousness can change the physical world.  Our consciousness can assist others.  Our consciousness can set us free.  

No one person is more deserving than another.  The same energy of creation invites unique expressions of individuality to comprise the whole. We are all equally deserving.  

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∾Unconditional Love