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For God to hear my prayer for my marriage for my husband who is my rock & to trust me again for God to show him how he is the only one I love and&trust with my life and that his love and our marriage and our children have changed my life without them my world would be broken for God to save our marriage and forgive and forget the mistakes I have made I only want to show him all the love I have for him and our children and without him  none of this matters he makes me whole prayers that my husband give me one last chance to show him I have changed. He is my world for God to change his heart and work with me to wipe my mistakes away and make our relationship better than it ever has been I dont want him to think I take us or our marriage for granted & For God not to take my blessing away for him to believe in us enough to fight for our marriage and children <br> For God to show my husband that leaving us is not the way to fix the mistakes ,when the love is still there so why does he think that's the right answer for his heart to be softened and hear and see my love for him

I pray for my husband to return back home this morning because he left me while im pregnant with our child. I love him so much and i need my husband back home. Im worried for him.

God, please pour out Your spirit on Jeff giving Jeff dreams and visions that will lead him to fulfill the vows he made to to You and me. (Acts 2:17) God if Jeff's lack of love for our marriage means that he does not know You, I invite You to make Yourself known to him. (1 John 4:8) Father God, may it be your will to restore my marriage and family. I lift up our hearts towards You. Heal all of our brokenness. In Jesus name I ask. Amen! Deliver Susana & Jeff back together again in Jesus solid foundation.

I am requesting pray for god to restore my life and provide the right companion for me

I am needing prayers for my marriage my husband has recently had an affair he is constantly online chatting with women he lies to me about his where abouts we have been together for 22 yrs we have 3 kids together I would like there to conviction for the sins he has made I would also lIke prayers for restoration in our marriage

Right knee sore. Had stem cell shot didnt regrow cartilage. I am using a walker. Pray healing.

My husband put in app for perkins pray he get one if them keep me in prayer i get $1400 quickly urgent must have

I have a bad cough, and need a job, guidance, and wisdom. from God.

I am looking for prayers for my daughter her name is Montana she is 18 yrs old she is currently in a relationship with a boy who beats her he is verbally abusive to her he is a drug user as well as a sell I need Prayers for Montana to have the strength to leave this boy foe good I need Prayers for her to allow good back in her heart please pray for her safety and her return home

• Please pray for our daughter (age 20) who is suffering from severe depression and anxiety. Please pray for healing and restoration. • Please pray for removal of a serious rebellious spirit, her deep conviction, repentance and transformation of heart and mind, to seek the Lord eagerly, sincerely and urgently. • Please pray that the Lord will draw her close to Him, and that Christ will dwell in her heart and she will know His love. • Please pray that the Lord will bless her with godly wisdom and knowledge. Pray that she will make wise and godly choices.

I need prayer for a situation to be resolved what i need is for a certain individual to stop contacting me until feb3rd

I pray that my friend Marrie Ussery to be cured of cancer and it will need come back. Thank You Steven

Dear Lord my G od praise honor and glory above all. Thank you for your Love and mercy. Please father deliver me from this sickness. Dear Jesus deliver this beautiful person the mother Of my children and wife Cathy I thank you for her and I'm sorrow for not honoring my vows.And hope my children and her can forgive me please bring us together please forgive her and heal her.for all the others In my group let it be known you are the great healer and show your mercy

I pray for a miracle and just to be happy in life and to have a great paying job money to live on I'm so broke and need blessing amen

Hello right at this moment, my spirit is very distrub because of the way my marriage is. First, pray for my marriage and a special prayer for my husband , who has had Alot of medical issues in the past. First, in 2011, he survived a stroke and Busted a vessel in his brain because his pressure was So High. But God Heard my cry, I pleaded the Blood Of Jesus, like the Women with the issue of Blood in the bible. When the Doctors got ready to operate, the Bleeding in his head had Stopped. Then he had a tumor on his brain, a month later, it was removed successful. Through all of this, I was There praying and pleading the blood of Jesus for his life. God answered. But since then, it has been Hard at home, he's been Mean,disrespect ful. And always wanting to argue. Every little thing! And he calls me Bitch in front of our kids, when he did that, they Lost All Respect for their father. I advised them no matter what, they are to respect him because he is their father and that's what God wants. They responded to me by saying mom how can we respect him, and he calling you out your name everytime He gets mad and starts to try to pick a fight with his kids? He has to Give us Respect to get respect. Right now, me and him are not even talking because if what happened on Sunday just coming out of church! He was So disrespectful! He told me"Go to Hell" and called me Stupid. He was Full of the devil coming Out of Sunday service! But let him tell, it, I'm in the wrong for trying to tell him what to do. Wow! I don't like living like this. Please pray. ! Then he had a tumor on his brain, it was successful removed a month later. A few years ago he suffered a Heart Attack and had Open Heart Surgery.

Greetings in Jesus name. Please pray I pass nursing exam. Then the approval for Medicaid for my HomeCare business. Lastly housing solution. Also Jeremiah Bryant please pray he would be delivered from depression and financial hardship and better housing situation. Thank you and God bless. - Fedora

Please pray for me. I'm struggling right now and am trying to get back to God. Everyday I fight depression and anxiety. God has finally answered my prayer for help in this regard, however I am still so panicked, and crippled from my phobia. It absolutely controls my life and I can never seem to get free of it or overcome it.

My son and his girlfriend had a fallen out and now she is willing to work on it and he is just said he can't do it anymore. He loves and in love with her bc he told me he wanted to mrry her. I need prayers to help get them back together and talking. Make this relationship work. Thank you and God Bless

Lord. forgive help and protect ryan. Is incarcerated and last court date on January 18. May God have mercy . Repented,Get home safe to family.

Pray for all to go great at work as I go in please pray it's a great day filled with joy happiness and blessings prayer of speedy night

Pray for Shelia and husband marriage will be mend and reconciliation Dear Heavenly Father please bless me to get a good paying job, and a good working vehicle and permanent home for my family. Lord forgive my husband for his sins and please save him from his smoking, drinking and unfaithful ways, lord help him be a faithful husband to me and faithful to u God, help him to love me like u love the church lord u know were it went wrong in my marriage, lord fix it lord, restore, renew, deliver, save my marriage, lord u know my husband left me 9 months ago and he not talking to me I love my husband and miss him please bring us back to speaking again each other, put back together, u said what u put together let no man put asunder, lord u joint us together and please kept us together, touch his heart and make him talk back to me let us sit down talk about where we went wrong in marriage and help us to find a way to fix the problems, please bring my husband back home to me as a save change and faithful husband , lord I claim it and I believe it, these things I asks in your mighty son Jesus name.Amen thank u Jesus

Pray for my new born's father and I. Pray that we will get married and resist temptation. Pray that we are kind and loving to one another. Pray for healing for all past mistakes. Pray that others that are trying to keep us from marriage will not succeed.

Please keep me in prayers please name Bonnie prayers for God to guide me and show me and help me and lead me were to move and live prayers for God guidance for right Christian man for my life turns into Christian husband and Prayer partner and friend for my life prayers for my financial problems bills and my food disorder problem i need blessing pray for my grown son Kris for his eye disease and bipolar disorder and his depression and other issues prayers for Kris dreams to come true for his music he writes Christian songs wants to be part of band and sang play guitar and have friends that are Christians and Christain lady for Kris life prayers for my grown daughter Maria health problems and for her personal life and her sugar and white blood cells stay high prayers for my grown son Joshua he goes threw so much special prayer for my son Derek and his wife Missy and kids salvation and respect me and prayers for my unsaved friends Michael Anothny and Eric and Harold and Jamie and Libby older lady and Bobby and Dee and Alan and for my friend Richard and his mom and Omar and his family prayer for Anwers for my life i need answers about my life and Alan need him to talk to me prayers for man named Bobby show me about Bobby need answers on really what going on thank you so much for praying

Please pray for me that God increase my finances and decrease my debit. Pray for healing. Pray God will bless me with a successful business. I am seeking favor over my life and God will open up the windows of heaven and pour out his blessings upon me. I am tired of just working pay check to pay check. I want God to bless me so that I can be a blessing to others and for salvation and guidance. These I ask in Jesus name Amen

Pray for my husband is in jail. They are tring to thought the book at him. A need a prayer to help him come home .his been reading the bible. Which is a good thing. He needs a prayer. He knows he done wronge. He has a mind of three or four grader. He will not make it in jail. So please pray for that he gets out soon. God bless and thank you.

please pray for me and my 2 son's to keep our home and maintenance We are in need of God's divine intervention.. They are good boys ..we need. God's divine intervention quickly. We are the Sanders Family on Elkhorn

Justin Taylor took my money and has not delivered my prints I ordered. I pray in Jesus name shake him up,no rest no sleep until delivered, refunded Lord move! He stole from me

Gladys, sa, j, health, Eugene, Erica, Ty, illiana, manny, dj, bys, af.

please pray for me, son, ty, eugine, Celes, that needs financial freedom and health, and guidance.

I am asking for prayers In my marriage to bring restoration into it my husband is always online messaging girls lusting over them he has had affairs in the past I am asking for prayers for him to stop and there to be conviction for what he has done

Oh that I would see the goodness of God in the land of the living

Gary has cancer and a deadly blood clot. He is in ICU. Thank you for your prayers.

King James Bible Ezekiel 22:30 "And I sought for a man among them, that should make up the hedge, and stand in the gap before me for the land, that I should not destroy it: but I found none." Are you ready? Please pray to overcome for: 0. Poland, freedom from religion to God through Jesus Christ, 0. Church in the USA - Matt. 3.12 1. stirring up the ministry to the God for me, my wife Dorothy, our daughter Ann, our sons Peter and Daniel - "..but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord" Joshua 24.15 2. God's will and wisdom for me and my family; specially for learning in school for Daniel,working for Edmund, Dorothy, Peter (also God's direction for his life) and Ann( Ann needs husband), 3. God's order in my work. Blessings and the knowledge of Jesus Christ for my bosses. Thank God for the continuation of my work. Edmund Krzeminski

I need this mite infestation to all die becsuse they are biting me and crawling in my nose and ears. Could you please pray God will help me get rid of them in Jesus name Thank you do much

First of all thank you Heavenly Father for all you have and is about to do for me in my life. I am a sinner and i repent of all my sins. Heavenly Father I pray that you bless me financially this year. Heavenly father i am in need of a car of my own paid for. Lord my roof fell in and my bathroom roof is about to fall in Bless me to be able to get some money from somewhere to get me a new place to stay for my family and i . Lord bless those thats close to me and my family that we may become close as a family. Lord if theres a dark cloud around myself or my family please remove it sheild us in your arms lord and walk close with us. Ipray my sister gets her kids back . and my other sister deliver a healthy child. I also pray that whatever it is that is wrong with my other sister you will fix i pray she find her a job and get her life back in order. In Jesus Christ name i pray Amen

Heavenly Father thank you! we love you! pray for your love to embrace Tavis and pray for your perfect will in his life. In Jesus name, Amen.

My son is sick he has mentally illings please pray for him .thank you very much.

My name is olive anderson i. Have money coming to me. Having problems geting it what i need is for it to end soon with no more delays. To get it soon. And no more put offes etc starting tomorrow and not to hear from them until feb. 3rd

Please pray for the terrible MRSA infection in my moms eyes to be healed and her good vision restored. She is 83. Thank you.

Please pray for miracle for my friend, Dave who has brain cancer that God would heal him. Ll said he only has a few weeks left.Please pray for the family for peace, strength and comfort that only God can give. Please also pray for blessings over my dad's business that God will restore to him what was lost and bless him even more. Please pray for God's protection over him from anyone who wants to harm his business. Please pray for God's favor over him and my mom and that their faith will grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. Please pray also for God to guide my husband in planning to start up a new business. Please pray that God would lead him to the right investors. Please pray for God's favor over him and that God would use this opportunity to draw him close to God and eventually God will use this potential business to bring glory to His name. Thank you all for the prayers support. I appreciate it very much. Love in Christ, Mega.

In 2017 I pray God uses me to do instant miracles concerning big financial gain, property gain, and instant healing to all major physical, mental and emotional conditions to help people that are struggling, help people to believe in God, help people people that have lost hope, and bring back the backslider. I pray instant miracles, signs, and wonders.

I am a newly licensed Nursing home administrator & genuinely have a passion to serve others which this industry needs. I am seeking this position in my area. I am trying to stay faithful but sometimes doubtful that I wont find a job, so please lift me up in prayer that I land my dream job soon. Much gratitude RN

Please pray for me, for the past four months I have been suffering with numbness on both my legs and feet. I was scheduled for an EMG this month and got a call that this was re- scheduled for next month. Please I wish to walk normally again. The numbing pain is making it difficult for me to walk as well as it is affecting my balance . Please pray for my healing. Amen

my son ty, Celeste, enri, for health and financial freedom.

Please pray for me to find out how to fix my financial problems I work hard every day at my job but it's looking like it's not enough to save my home please pray for another job so I can have the strength to work two jobs and please pray for a immediate finical blessing thank you for praying for me

Healing of Heart, mind, soul for Maurice from the past. Healing from Low Self-esstem. A TURN AROUND In his thinking!! Restoration in this relationship!! I need a healthy relationship with him.

Please pray that my friend Jay'von text me are call me soon I really miss him so much my name is (stevella)

Please keep me in prayers please name Bonnie prayers for God to guide me and show me and help me and lead me were to move and live prayers for God to guide me to right Christian man turns into Christian husband and Prayer partner and friend for my life prayers for my financial problems bills and my food disorder problem reason need to move is because of the drugs And cigarettes and people are rude it's not good place to live prayers for unsaved friends Michael Anothny and Eric and Harold and Jamie and Libby older lady and Bobby and Dee and Alan and for God to guide me and show me about Bobby praying for my cousin Margaret treats me like trash and rude praying for my friends Marsha and prayers for God's guidance and help for my life show me things please keep me in prayers please name Bonnie thank you so much

Single mom Hi, please pray, that I am able to find work soon and if it's not a job where I can take my toddler along, a wonderful, safe, trustworthy childcare and for my 2 older children as well. Please pray, that I am able to provide all of our needs and keep our bills paid. Please pray, that God, takes all negative, or bad or ungodly people of our lives. Please pray, that we remain, in good health and all together as one happy family. Please, pray that all plans of our enemies are canceled and that I continue to be blessed with full custody of all my children. Pray we are covered in the blood of Jesus. Thanks

Pray for my husband and me. We are in full time ministry but he is not walking with God. Very grumpy and fault finding with me. I pray that God will bring to light that what is in the darkness. I cannot get thru to him. He swears at me and Zi have to be very careful what I say. Everything is wrong. And I'm not making this up. We travel a lot and fight on every trip. He also get so cross that he does not go with me to go and eat when we are on a trip. Unfortunately I need to eat due to my health. His motto is: you have the freedom to say whatever you want but know that you will have to take the consequences with it. Do I want to say anything, I get yelled at. This is going for months now and I do believe that there is sin in his life that makes all of this happen. I'm really focusing on in prayer as my relationship with God is keeping me sane. Thank you for praying! I just need people to stand with me as this is heavily loaded with the power of the evil forces. I will give feedback so we can rejoice! I believe in the prayers of the righteous !

Agree with me that all God Promies are fulfilled in my life and all of God children here on earth... In Jesus name i.ask, Amen...

I have a swollen left hand full of Luis I am in so much pain please give me a miracle prayer

My father is 87 and just had a stroke. I have the flu and can't be with him. I love him so much. Please pray he comes home well. God Bless Brett

Hello my name is crystal. I'm asking for prayers for me and my family financial situation to get better and for our housing situation. I'm at risk of loosing my housing and I have five children with no family were I'm currently living. I really would be grateful for prayers please can't afford to loose my place. Thank you and God bless us all.

Pray for body pain and aches to go away. Pray for sinues too.

Pray for military marriages that are falling apart due to PTSD. Lord, intervene and fight for our marriages. Soften the hardest heart into a heart of flesh. Stop All divorce and place love & forgiveness upon their hearts: Susana & Jeff, Jill & Manuel, Jaimie & Marc, Bobbie & Tyler, Melissa & Rockie. Lord, help our families. In the name of Jesus I ask. Please father, reveal yourself to each and every one of us. Forever Amen!! Mathew 18:19-20. Pray for healed marriages and our husbands who suffer from combat PTSD.

In need of a job, been layed off again and dont qualify for unemployment insurance. I have no income and need JEHOVA JIRAH. Pray for me to find work soon, thanks. Please Pray

Please help me pray for my sister that the charges will be drop soon and may she not lose faith in god. That everything that going on we shall put it in god hand he will do his miracle we claim it in Jesus name amen

I'm, homeless, and applying for benefits please pray for approval.

 Please pray for my little angel Sara. She needs to find work and for her health.

Please help me to lose weight for my health and help us financially

Hi my name is C'Ana Barrett and i want to pray for my boyfriend Daniel He is really going through alot in his life and i try to help but theres all a person can do You have to give it to god and that's what im doing i just hope someone prays for him he just got locked up he really need god in his life he is really a good person he just hangs with the wrong crowd i dont want him to go in the wrong direction can someone please pray for him thank you i really appreciate he is 16 years old thank u every one god bless u

To hear Gods voice clearly. All chatter that is not God stops. Clear visions of the future...

Please pray for my family hardship situation we are facing we need urgent help.

Please pray for my police officer husband to be safe. Help him with his health issues and help him deal with his anxiety and depression.

Please pray for me I was wrongfull terminated from my job because I spoke up for a client please pray that someone will hear my cas thank you am very discouraged

Please pray for my son to graduate college get a good job and have a good relationship with his girlfriend. Also please help him with his sleep and health issues.

Pray for case fully dismissed traffic stop officer who has been stopping women and holding them to get them to give sex to get out of the ticket. His name is officer Cruz Avila he held me almost an hour. I never gave in just sat and kept praying while he looked up skirt and made crazy comments. I found out when I went to renew my drivers license the ticket was there they had sent it to court without telling me and gave me a bench warrant and I was not able to renew my license and I have to go to court January 10, 2017 they made me wait three weeks for a court date saying they were getting me back for telling on the officer. Please pray for the whole thing against me to get dismissed. please pray for the whole thing to be dismissed and for him to get in trouble So please pray so other women can be safe too.

Please pray that my daughter will have a good marriage and get the job at fnma she has been trying so hard to get.

YPls pray for my husband Dearin to forgive our son Leland for his past missteps. Pls pray that God will soften Dearins heart towards Leland during this difficult time in Leland's young adult life. Pls pray for reconciliation, restoration, peace and positive communication to prevail in our family in 2017.

Please pray my daughter will return my grandson Ethan. She took off with a man New Years eve and took Ethan with her. She had custody of him but they have lived with us from the fsy he came home from the hospital. He is now 10. Our daughter I'd a habitual liar as her former therapist said. Have no ides what she had told this man. He is almost 50. She is 31 but emotionally a young teen. She won't come get his clothes or meds for ADHD. He goes back to school on Monday. He will not make it in school without me. She is not capable of helping him study. She won't answer our calls. Finally answered my husband's texts. Twice she has said she'd be over to get his things then she doesn't come. So worried about him. He must be so confused. She has only known this man a month. Its all about sex. Please pray God will intervene and bring Ethan him. Thank u so much

“Then I will give them (husband Jeff) one heart, and I will put a new spirit within them, and take the stony heart out of their flesh, and give them a heart of flesh,” ‭‭Ezekiel‬ ‭11:19‬ ‭NKJV‬‬ Father, have Jeff's heart break for what breaks Yours. Align his heart and mind towards You. Give him a remorseful heart. May it be Your will that Jeff endure Godly sorrow to save him from destruction. May Jeff awaken spirituality and choose You! In the name of Jesus I ask. Go after Your lost sheep. Amen!

Please, get everyone together praying in groups really apically over me. I want everyone in the world to pray for me, together. Get those congregations praying heavily for me. I am suffering and failing miserably at life. I want to be a champion at life! I am in a nighmarish situation. I am in pain and I can't sleep. Part of my prefrontal cortex was damaged in my brain and now my judgement is harmed. I want God to make miracles happen to me. There is this Prophet Mannessah who won't stop calling me who seems to be stalking me to close by where I live, he wants to see me face to face in real life. What if he wants to hurt me? I want to have perfect faith in God and His son Jesus Christ. I am suffering so badly, I'm torn apart. I need immediate help! There is so much to explain, and I don't know if I have the brain power to explain it all, and explain it well enough. Somebody help me! I keep making extremely dumb decisions. I want to be successful and have a good life. I want the world to get better. I want everything to get better. I want everyone who exists to pray for me. Pray that I will have the brain power to write better prayer requests. I wish I could explain better! I wish I could explain better! I wish I could get all of my thoughts out! Somebody save me! I can't live like this! I want to help people. No- more than that! I want to fill every life with pleasure and riches. I'd do anything to wipe every tear from the face of those who are suffering! Anything! Why can't all suffering end. Pray that God helps me and sends me as much support as possible. Pray that He's sends me people to talk to, people to help me make movies, equipment to make movies that look like they could be shown in theaters, and whatever else I need. Pray that God gives me supernatural powers, to live supernaturally and do supernatural things. Spread the word! Get every single person out there praying for me immediately! I am in terrible pain and want to stop sinning. I sin furiously. I am full of fear! I am the most helpless soul who ever lived. :( I have cried ever tear that can be cried! How many people have to suffer?! I want love. I want peace. I want to get what I want. Everything I want. What I want is good. Not evil. I want people to come and help me and care for me, like they never did before. I want everyone to express great love for me and see me as something attractive and wonderful. Someone important. I NEED HELP! People, pray like you never did before. Patricia Linares also needs help. She posted this: I'm asking for prayer support in the middle of a very difficult situation with a violent husband . As well for my only one sister who is suffering from lung cancer and there's no cure, according to the medicine. Thank you very much. Blessings. Welcome any prophetic word. Amen. Please pray heavily for her too. Round everyone up and pray like there is no tomorrow please! Pray that I can get all of my thoughts out when typing prayer requests please. I want all these girls that don't love me anymore to love me again. Their names are Sydney and Jordan Bartfield, Rafina Cebak, and Anna Grace Pahlow. I want them to come back to me and friend me again on Facebook and see me as really attractive. I can't live without them! I want to have a satisfying life of success. I want to make the world a way better place. I want to have perfect faith in God and His son Jesus Christ. I want everyone to come to me, talk to me, and help and care for me like never before. I need to be nurtured and helped out. I am stumbling like crazy. Somebody save me! You do not know how urgent this request is! I need the whole world to know to pray for me! Warn every single website, church, and group that you can! Tell them exactly what I told you! Copy what I said and send it to them! Do it now! I could die from pain! What are you waiting for?! I NEED HELP!!!!!!! This prophet Mannasseh needs to be prayed for, he's most likely a false prophet. I hope I get the life I want to have as soon as possible. God bless!

Please pray for my son and l will get into low rental housing in peterbough soon as my landlord is harrssing me almost very day to get out l live in this place for 17 yrs looking after my sick parents both passed away in 2016 6 months apart now my landlord wants me out just for he can get move rent for the house l don't want to be homeless l have a severe disabled child please pray for us Lindsay ontario canada

Hi my name is Karen Sandoval and I'm requesting prayer, We need a miracle, we have been trying to have a baby for a long time with no success and it's been hard keep waiting, but I know God's Miracle is on the way, please say a prayer for my husband and myself. Thanks God bless

My name is Angelica Gamboa. Pray that my faith keep growing, that God grants me a new heart, to see the way he sees things, to grow my love and dependency towards him, to trust him in everything, to not judge him and doubt him, to walk his path and for him to grant me salvation and spiritual liberation, that I can stop judging people. For the nightmares and temptations to stop if is in his will. To make me stronger, to Glorify his holy son name, to keep forever in my heart all the things he has granted me. To never leave his side. To protect my family, to protect all of us from evil. That we all always remember that our war is with evil not with flesh, to help us love each other as he love us. Heavenly Father forgive all of our sins, strengthen our love for you and to obey your commandments, to keep your words in our heart for ever, in Jesus name. God bless all of you.

I ask for prayer to grow my faith even more, to connect and love God and Jesus more, to strengthen my will to do his will.

I need a prayer. I need a prayer to become a better mother and a prayer to renew my marraige. I need a home for my family. Please pray my sanity.

I need a miracle! Please God help my boyfriend Cody to love me more, help him to care for me more, help him to support me and protect me more in Jesus Name! Please take away all his negative qualities and bring back the Cody that came for me. Help him to look up more to you and help him with everything in jesus name. I know he's the one for me, please bless our loving relationship and keep us strong in jesus name. Please bring me all my hearts desires as I delight in you Lord. Thank you for everything in my life. Please show that you've answred my prayer. Amen!

Hi there my name is Nigel and I live in Texas. My girlfriend Jamie is an amazing girl but she has been giving way to deceiptive music and drugs and going more away from God . I hope she will she see the good life God has for her and that she will be saved and love God beyond imagination in the end! My parents also have went away from God and my family after my parents divorce I would love if you prayed for them you don't know how much it would help thankyou so much!

Please help me pray that God will open a door for me to get a house.. I am asking praying for peace and happiness while I wait for my change..

Please pray for me to receive money from unexpected sources now! I have had so much stolen from me! I am old woman who is struggling to survive! Please pray for me and my children protection from Evil forces both seen and unseen! Please pray for my pain in my legs and back to go away! Please pray for my sons to be kind to me and want to help me and take care of me! In Jesus name I ask this... Amen

Thank the Lord because he is the Lord of Hosts and the Man of War I claim victory over every adversary in this court case with jerome in the name of Jesus I bind and paralyze the strongman employed or delegated to disgrace jerome, in the name of Jesus Let all the affairs of his life be too hot for any evil power to manipulate in the name of Jesus O Lord, grant jerome and his lawyer supernatural wisdom to subdue all opposition O Lord let it be impossible for Jerome adversary to subdue the truth in this matter in the name of Jesus O Lord, let jerome find favor in the sight of those who are responsible for judging this case I close every negative door that the enemy might want to open using this case in the name of Jesus You satanic agents, I command you to clear out from the pathway to jerome victory in this matter in the name of Jesus I cancel any demonic decision and expectation concerning this case in the name of Jesus Father, make it possible for Jerome to find favor in the sight of the judge, in the name of Jesus Lord let jerome find favor, compassion and loving kindness with the jury in the name of Jesus Let all the demonic obstacles that have been established in the heart of anyone against jerome prosperity be destroyed in the name of Jesus Lord give all the parties concerned, dreams, visions and restlessness that would advance his cause.Let every counsel, plan, desire, expectation, imagination, device and activity of the enemy against this case be rendered null and void, in the name of Jesus. Let all my blessings presently in the prison of the enemy begin to pursue jerome and overtake his as of today, in the name of Jesus.Thank you Lord Jesus for the victory!

My drug addict husband and daughter, l don't what to do anymore.

Please pray for marriage reconciliation for me and my husband. For God to intervene and make a miracle as he can move mountains, heal the sick and in many mysterious ways and by the power of God's grace. Our family has been struggling which path to take and lost from all of the challenges, complications in our lives that sometimes I don't know what is the right thing to do. For my husband to have the courage to make a decision and follow God's will in our lives. I'd really hope and pray for a miracle that God will reconcile and complete and forgive and help our family... each one of us with our choices... to guide as and help us in each day of our lives and to please be merciful and forgive us and make a miracle to end this agony in our lives and help us start new with God's blessings. Nothing is impossible and I know God is working on my husband that I have been praying for more than a decade. To help him, change him and myself so we may support each other in love, honesty, commitment, acceptance, communicate openly, trust each other and be there for one another as well as what God can heal to help our relationship. To fix what needs to be fixed. To help him understand with the choices and mistakes he did and give him the courage to rebuild the broken hearts and life of his original family. To know what's God will for us so we may do what is right and pleasing to God. It is really hard and difficult situation and I ask God to have mercy and make a miracle for our family. I ask God as His child for a miracle that my husband will come back and truly commit and love me and our children and for God to help me forgive and accept him. And for our children to forgive and embrace him with respect, support and love as their father. And rebuild our relationship ... our family.... and for the other party to accept and heal as well... in Jesus name I pray... Amen

My prayer is for a miracle to cure my sister of a nasty brain tumor. She has spent her life giving to and doing for others. People and animals alike and she needs a miracle that modern is not yet capable of providing. Only our Father can provide her this so please keep her in your prayers and ask everyone you know to pray for her too. Her name is Tiffany and her organization is called horses, hope and healing. She will be having surgery on January the 25th 2017 to reduce the tumor. However it is not completely removable so we need prayers to ask Him to take it away by His power. Thank you is all I can say.....

Please pray for a situation in my clinics were it have been a problem since a month ago that they keep making mistakes for a physical I need for a new job. Now I need three vacines and everything its in the air. Please pray that I chose the best job for me. Thank you.

I would like prayer for my 29 year old son Christopher Downing, he is dying in the hospital with liver damage and pneumonia and other issues.They said it could be any day now, but I am a believer and will not give up hope ! I am not able to be with him at the hospital in Alabama yet but will be there tomorrow I am going to pray over him anoint him with oil and try to break the generation curse that has been passed down by generation by some family member, but I know Chris has to want it.please pray he will be receptive to any prayers and announcing . Thank you!

For a financial blessings and miracles.For blessings Miracles and Healings in all areas of my life.For early retirement. My name is William Joseph Sollenberger.I live in Greenfield Missouri USA.

Please pray for my brother Robert Smith Jr. Pray that God will cover him with his blood & bring him closer to God. Pray that God will cleanse his spirit and give him a vivid interpretation of what he has for him. Also to protect him from any and all danger.

help me get a prayer chain going for a little boy named Dakota. They had to life flight him. He is having seizures.

Dear God, please make me new and heal my family and heal my life and heal me and grow my faith as I cast away all fear. In your name I pray, Amen.

God please help provision open doors loosed money freedom unlimited checks jobs & profits Jehovah in 2017 bernard jr, bernard sr Akil marie Alicia chyla,khaill,Beverly. Thank

In Jesus name Protect layton sand, Lord, from the power of the wicked keep him safe from violent people who plot his downfall sets trap for him and laid snares for him, protected him from evil workers Lord, don't give the wicked what they want;don't let their plots succeed against him in Jesus name amen

Please pray for My three children Adam, Jesse, And Mariah, for my grand babies Yoanna and Kimberly and their mom Daniela. Adam please pray (Isaiah 54:1, Isaiah 50.7-9., Isaiah 49.23, Rom.8:31, Prov. 21:1, Psalms 62, Psalms.46, Psalms. 35,) Healing constant migraines, allergies, asthma, uncontrollable itchiness from head to toes, depression, anxiety, social anxiety, anger, stomach ulcers, hives,constant persecution, nightmares, hears voices, tremors, and night sweats. Adams daughter-Yoanna itchiness, anger Adams daughter-Kimberly- anger, asthma Daniela- shes always sick every day: migraines, stomach problems, female problems, anxiety, depression, dizziness, anger Jesse for salvation, migraines, allergies, depression, anxiety Mariah Healing constant migraines, allergies, asthma, uncontrollable itchiness from head to toes, depression, anxiety, social anxiety, anger

Need prayer for peace understanding finance Job

My name is olive anderson i have a serious financial matter. I need the lord to work it out in my favor kind of complicated. Need it to. Work out in my favor to have law enforcement leave me alone

Please pray the Lord will grant my son grace and mercy with the courts. Pray the doors will open so he can be together with his daughters. We want to be a family in Jesus name.

Lord I lift up my son Dante I ask for Your favor and blessings and Your perfect will to be done in all areas of his life. Lord work in his mind, heart and soul so that he can better serve You. Lord You know our situation and the things he is facing and dealing with. Lord work in him and  on him and through him fom the top of his head to the bottom of his feet and all around him so that he can better serve You. Lord we pray for Your guidance and help through all of this we know that You are there. Lord we give You the praise and the glory for this day and every day. Lord we lift up our lost love ones to You and pray for their salvation that they will seek You and turn their lives over to You before it is too late this we pray in Your precious name AMEN

Prayer for my brother's freedom and that he may be safely restored to his family.

Please pray the Lord will grant my husband and I mercy with the courts. Pray the doors will open so we can be together. We want to be a family.

I know many said it but 2016 was the worst for me. Got injured at work & Lost everything I had to my name BC I can't work at the moment. Battling to keep both of my legs went into kidney failure and I'm homeless. Someone please help me I'm so tired

My friend is hiking across Africa on a mission trip n has fallen very ill. Her symptoms r fever, throwing up n aches. She has no choice but to keep going n needs healing fast. Her name is Taylor

My husband to be born again and follower of Jesus. To restore and reunite my family. My 5 yr. Old returned back to me. Stable good paying work from home job I enjoy. For protection of my new baby on the way Micah that the enemy won't have him taken from me.

Pray to God to bless me with both the financial wisdom and breakthrough,succeed in everything i do,everything i touch to flourish,good wife and inlaws in Jesus Name Amen.

Pray to God so that He can provide me with a good and virtuours girl to marry,complete the construction of my house.start the job that I was recently interviewed for. lead a long and healthier life full of peace of mind and tranquility.favor,Protect my parents and all members of my family and my country Kenya as it heads to election.

please pray to have the scales removed from her eyes, so she has eyes to see and ears to hear. To understand God's words and apply them to her life. She is open to demonic attacks into fits of rage, anger, bitterness, strife, contentions, outbursts, easily offended, unforgiveness. Please body of Christ brothers and sisters unite and pray to bind these evil spirits inside her to be cast out and never return. Please pray that she may have fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control. Please unite together and pray for Phuong

My name is kelsie and my husband is Jonathan. Two days ago we were told out 10 week old baby had no heartbeat and that we should prepaid for a miscarriage. I know God is in control and I have chosen to give everything to him and listen to what he tells me instead of what people tell me. Please pray that God will show us of our little baby is going to stay with us or if we are going to have an Experience we must accept and be at peace with. I feel like God has been showing me to not give up hope yet. please keep us in your prayers. I know God can work any miracle to those in faith and who believe in him. he also has the power to take away.

Praise God the last day of another struggling year my request is that the coming new years will be seven times better than before understanding people's in my life a mature godly faithful protective man to be my husband lots of patiences a real paying job people I can trust a bigger and safe place to live flood free my own transportation caring neighbors and friends a better relationship with my daughter nakisha God send some one to protect those small boys of her she took Xavier to the doctor they said she was abusing him wanted to take him away from her she don't let me know where she lives I can't handle all three along it's wear me out I'm divorced from an abusive navy veteran man who remarried twice after the divorced now deceased I'm here in baton rouge Louisiana things are not picking up for me no friends no families to turn to no one to talk to a son Lorenzo in Angola prison fourteen years on a murder charge he didn't do December third guard Luke rheams William Holmes was said walked up to Lorenzo just hand cuffed him for no reason raped him hit him in the head with their club stick knocking him unconscious kicking him throwing his head into the walls blood everywhere and where is God in all this why he won't send help to all these men being sexual abused beaten killed in this Louisiana Angola prison it was shut down once before why God won't help my heart is over whelmed within me please I need strength I need Jesus breakthrough I don't see no justice in all this nor from the white police officer Dwayne Stevenson who came and rape and threaten me here on Richland ave enough is enough yet I call out to Jesus daily I'm not fourteen years of age anymore sixty plus enough is enough what much I do for to get God attention in my behalf

Dear Lord, please I'm praying from the bottom of my heart, asking you to reach my husband's soul and for him to leave the woman he is with and come back home to work our marriage out. We been separated for 9 month and I don't know how much longer I can live with this pain.... Please Lord help has reconcile

Pray for my daughter to open her eyes to an abusive relationship with Darrius. Send him back to his family. Release her heart body and mind from his grip on her. Replace him with loving and Godly friends. Amen

On November 30, 2015  My 18 year old daughter Haley Brasfield suffered a severe asthma attack and went without oxygen causing her to have Anoxic brain damage from a full cardiac arrest. The doctors told me that there was no hope for her but I said that as long as there's a GOD then there's always hope. She had a son that was only 3 months old at the time that my husband and I are raising now. She has always been a fighter since she was born and I do believe that one day GOD will give me the miracle that I have been praying for everyday for 378 days now.  It's been over a year since I heard my daughter speak to me and she doesn't move any part of her body except her head a little. I know she's in there and I know she can understand me. We just need all the prayers we can get. Please pray that my daughters brain injury would be healed and that God would restore her body from her head down to her toes. She also has a stage 4 bedsore that hasn't healed since July of this year from negligence at the nursing home that she's at plus they was suppose to do physical therapy and don't do anything to help her. I do therapy with her every single day along with anything else she needs. The EMT said that she only went 6-8 minutes without oxygen or a heartbeat. I believe GOD kept her here for a reason and it's in his will and timing but anyone who will pray with would be a blessing. Thank you so much and GOD bless you from a mom with all the hope and faith in the world!!!

I'm requesting intersection for my father who is sick, he got an infection on his foot and his toes and foot might get amputated. His name is Ricardo Gamboa. I believe there's nothing impossible to god. Thank you. God bless.

Praying for a mechanically sound car to be donated to me that I can tag and drive immediately. Also, I am in daily prayer with a special want and concern. Praying for both prayers to be answered quickly. Thanking God for my blessings and the great blessings on the way, now

Dear god Please help me get approved to go to Bonita house quickly and please stop the gossiping about me in the house amen

To give me strength to over come my sins,and the mind too better service him.this I asks in Jesus name

Hello I desperately need help praying for delivarance and protection for Sean Conner amd family.. Thank you. And bless you

My dear Aunt Yvette Ransom is ill of cancer and is said to have four months to live.She is very good to my sibling and I when my mom isn't please help 

Please pray for my boyfriend Mark. He's been diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. Please pray he will be cured and live a long, full, happy rest of his life, cancer free. 

Simone desperately need financial help, please pray for her that God will work miracles in the new year for her and daughter .

I Diane Laney look to you god 4 my salvation and my money blessing I need a miracle in 5 days to take Carson my bills..

Please pray for me that the situation with the social security be fixed and I receive my check to be able to pay my rent. Pleaee pray for healing and protection. 

For God to hear my prayer for my marriage for my husband who is my rock& to trust me again for God to show him how he is the only one I love and & trust with my life and that his love and our marriage and our children have changed my life without them my world would be broken for God to save our marriage and forgive and forget the mistakes I have made I only want to show him all the love I have for him and our children and without him  none of this matters he makes me whole prayers that my husband give me one last chance to show him I have changed. He is my world for God to change his heart and work with me to wipe my mistakes away and make our relationship better than it ever has been I don't want him to think I take us or our marriage for granted &For God not to take my blessing away for him to believe in us enough to fight for our marriage and children &For God to show my husband that leaving us is not the way to fix the mistakes ,when the love is still there so why does he think that&the right answer for his heart to be softened and hear and see my love for him

God released all unexpected. Money checks freedom,jobs settlements,bonus ,prosper,inhertiance wealthGod released all money freedom prosper favor settlements wealth job work compensation unexpected checks rightfully that is due to alonzo jr sandra Bridget alonzo sr akil chyla Beverly. Thank

My health NY family health

My daughters name is priscilla lynn olivares and she needs healing she has schizophrenia.

Prayer for Roman Carrillo please he has been struggling with drug addiction since he was a teenager

Michael and Jessicato mend and heal their broken relationship to come back together as one with more trust faith and believe in one another please let their love grow stronger and stronger for one another each day and please help Michael lifestyle come to a complete stop from being doing and selling drugs being at the bars and the clubs and being with different female please help his lifestyle change for the better my Lord Heavenly Father make him the man that you would want him to be for the husband for Jessica and please help them both become as one please keep all people away from Michael or interrupting on him coming back and working out this relationship with Jessica please keep all females away from Michael that are interrupting on us getting back together help open up Michaels eyes his heart and guide them in the right direction and the right path of life and let him open up his eyes and make him realize how much Jessica truly cares and loves him with all her heart please reunite them together as one and bring him back home and let them both have peace happiness and prosperity in their lives and in their home their hearts they're so in their mind please bring them both back together as one forever

Prayer for mike and Jessica to mend their relationship and come back together as one with stronger love,faith,trust and believe for one another please bring them both peace, happiness and prosperity in their lives and home Amen

Im in need or prayer to make sure i get hired on through Chartwell staffing for this baking job

I reach out you now O God and ask that you would lead layton sand to the right job. Open his heart as he search for the right kind of work.Protect his body ,mind and speech, cover his thinking and thoughts , That his mind will be alert to your leading and his spirit sensitive to your promptings. I pray that you would open a door to a job which brings fulfillment and happiness. A job which not only provides for his needs but enables him to give freely to the needs of others. A job which extends the reach of your work, your kingdom and your will on this earth today.I ask all this in the powerful name of Jesus, My loving Saviour and Friend,Amen.

I have been experiencing stomach pain and discomfort. I don't know why. Please pray for total divine healing in Jesus name

I am Artie, I need Prayer about surgery Dec 30th. I am afraid, please in JESUS NAME Pray for me? I will Pray for all y'all to... I Pray in JESUS CHRIST NAME, forgive my sins I said thought & did, in JESUS NAME

I am going to surgery 12-30-2016 for a aneurysm. I am very scared. Please Pray for me? I will Pray for everyone here also, in JESUS CHRIST name. I am an older guy 68, but I have 5 Grandkids we are raising in our house, so I am needed. Please y'all give me a hand? I love All Christians & I know they love me. Thank you  I Pray our GOD blesses all of you who Played or even did not. Because if you're here We all love you.

In need of prayer for fa or from God to pass a math exam and to restore peace within my son as he struggle with devils bold on his life.

Please pray for my son's speedy recovery from a hip replacement. His name is Fred. Thank you!

prayer for my teenage son,Alexander,for God to open my son's eyes and soul to the realness of God,not just caling himself christian while acting worldly. Thank you & bless you

Hello, my name is Zion I am 16. I am completely deaf in my right ear and I am asking people to pray for me please

Dear Lord I pray for everyone who has a prayer laid here before you. Those who are lost, who feel hopeless, those who are hungry, afraid, in pain, battling sickness, addiction, loneliness, depression, who have lost loved ones, who have lost their jobs, their homes, their faith, their health, their hope. I pray, Merciful Father, You surround Sharon my sister who feels that she cannot continue--surround her with Hope. Send help and support, both financial and emotional-to her and to Everyone who is suffering. I Pray in the name of Jesus, amen.

Merciful Lord, please heal Zuriel. We implore you to perform a miracle in this newborn, and allow him to fully recover. Please join me and my family in this prayer- we've been through so much this past year - and the Lord always has a plan for everything that happens-we need another miracle. Amen.

Please pray that the Lord will protect my wife and children from our landlord. She is currently involved with witchcraft, and has even tried to curse me. She is very angry with us for appealing our eviction. Pray that the Lord will hinder her wickedness. Thank you.

Please help my pray for stable life of me and my family! Please let me get married to my boyfriend I'm tired of living alone with my kids I need a good man thank you.

Asking for healing prayers. Due to rape, I have had issues conceiving. Praying for a miracle child or children. Thank you.

Asking for prayer for depression. For the last two days, all I could do was cry and read the Bible. Also for peace and reunification with my spouse. I love him dearly. There is an urgent need for a financial miracle as I am in need of a good running vehicle. Also, I ask that you pray for a deeper, more intimate connection with God, for me, and the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Thank you.

Please pray for me to get my two checks 1-$8500.37 and 2-$4227.000. For quite awhile l have been expecting them. Thank you in Jesus name. .

Please pray for my dad . He is sick and in hospital. His name is Thomas and is 75 years old . Please pray for his complete healing. Please also pray for my mom that God will strengthen her and give her the courage.

I need a. Healing. For my resperatory system also need$1200 this week

Please pray that I will be transferred to less stressful job the upcoming year. God bless you for praying!

Would you pleae agree with me in prayer asking God for to not let my prayo be hinder lineood Joseph ate praying against me and asking to stop the prayers he is praying for me not yo be forward asking give me favor and remove all peoples are things that trying to hinder my prayers form being answers in Jesus name Linwood Joseph is my enemy . please stand in agree with me Janice Major in prayer in Jesus name

My name is Brandon, I ask that you pray with me that the lord will soften my wife Lauren's heart. In divorce court the judge ordered us to go to counseling. Please pray that the lord will speak to her heart. Pray that he will give me peace through this. Pray he will reunite my wife and I. I miss my wife and children so very very much.

For William A to contact me for our relationship to be restored with better communication, love and understanding. For him to reach out to me and talk with me honestly.

pray for me personally pray for my children grandchildren and family members salvation for those that aren't saved and strength for those that are. pray for my finances Deliverance for protection and peace of mind for us all. 24/7mci

Pray for my son he is a good man and loving father to his please help him to have the strength to cure himself from drug addiction and keep him safe cuz I don't want to lose my son.Steven

Please help me get a prayer chain going for a little boy named Dakota. They had to life flight him. He is having seizures. Forward this to everyone you can please!

Please pray for Ramona Doward she was doing well was recovering now in coma and life support they are talking about pulling the plug

Please pray for my Daughter with has been sick and doctors are concerned. Pray God would heal her.

Please pray for my son in law and the difficult situation he is going through at work. Help him deal with what god wants him to do and guide him in the right direction

My name Lena. I just want god to fill me with his would word. And.give me discernment in the give me detecting sport.I just want to be. Spiritual. I want the people. To see god all over me

Please pray for me. I'm going thru very dark times now. Satan is really attacking me. I need all the protection I can get from God On Jan. 09-2017 That is going to be a day the demons attack me . ( My Ex and his lawyer over my ex beating me very bad and I kicked him out.). I need a lot of help from God . Please pray for me ....???

I am sick right now with drainage and a lot of coughing. I have a hard time sleeping and have severe sleep apnea. I need prayer against all Satans attacks and God take over for now on. For Stephen Dunn

Please pray for me as the enemy has tried turning family members who I've prayed for for decades, against me.I m weary, betrayed and tired.Lord may we trample on all serpent s and Jesus victory today

Please pray that my body would heal supernaturally

Please pray for a financial miracle. Just enough to pay my bills and people I owe money to

Please say a healing pray we for my father. He is 85 and his heart is not doing good. God bless

For God to bless me and my children with child care housing transportation employment success opportunities favor financial increase miracles wisdom understanding peace calmness obedience and a godly mate

Would you please agree with me in prayer for God to please move in a mighty way for my financial break through to be release for god to please make away out no way and let my money please be release giving me favor with man and with god in Jesus name .

My name is olive anderson keep me in prayer. Because i need $1500 for van pym t and other needs must have quickly urgent. So i can keep my van. This is very urgent

Fernando and alexis gonzalez family and friends looking to accomplish to find a sponsor or sponsors for citizenship status, and financial needs to be accomplished, also, health to be in the best possible situation, thanks! A bunch, things have some what been looking good, I pray that God would move in the best way possible for every thing to go smoothly, and for prayers to be answered to the utter most high, that heaven succeeds to rejoice, that ever one's prayer also, be answered through out the year and the next,.

Please pray for my spouse Jeffrey, he left 4 months ago. He struggles with PTSD and bipolar, recently he got himself consumed with medical marijuana and alcohol. Please pray for healing and for him to return to the Lord! Luke 1:37 nothing is impossible with God. Please pray for restoration and reconciliation. May his parents not enable humor affect our marriage anymore, they're a main reason why my husband left because they blame me and Jeff doesn't want them to fully know what he is going through. Pray for mended relationship with my inlaws too. Thank you! And God bless you for your prayers.

Me and my ex have been apart just over a month let him see how much I love him and we get back together real soon.

Pray for Mamta Singh to forget about the past help her to keep her heart open to a good male partner that is worthy of her respect. A man that is handsome full of integrity and trustworthy. Pray for Mamta to believe she is receiving the very best and will receive on this christmas and the new year. God bless you

Lord praying for my financial coast to be enlarged. Remove all debt and make 2017 a banner year

Please pray that I will find employment and I ask a prayer to heal my soul from unrequited love. Amen.

I need $1325.00 for van pymnt plus $ 300 for xmas etc need the money urgent desperate please

My name is olive anderson i need healing for my asthma

I'm trying to lose a lot of weight but its going slow 

Please pray for reconciliation of marriage and family for Joy and Chris. Please pray Chris realizes he is in the wrong and yearns to seek help for his anger management. He is physically and mentally abusive. He also is an alcoholic. Pray he seeks help for his addiction and wants to better himself to save his family. Please pray he reaches a point of realization that he is living a sinful life and turn him back to God, his family and wife. Pray he turns to his attorney ASAP and requests reconciliation. Or goes through a family member to request since i have an order of protection against him and we cannot communicate. Please pray for Joy to gain confidence, strength, happiness, and peace so she can move forward. She has 3 children to care for. Please pray Joy finds a good flexible work from home job with benefits so she an provide for her family. In Jesus name. Thank you!

Please pray or Julieann Johnson and Cedrie Forbes we are going through a separation please pray the cedrie move back to his girlfriend and remove all the devil that surround us thank u

Prayers for my friend Sharon that she gets saved and that her sadness and depression be removed in Jesus name 

Please pray for my son he has a court date 8am pray that they reduce his sentence to a lesserand god directs hi path from now on thank u so much

A persnal problem and unspoken ec. Emergency ex. Gods help plan ex. My family friends ex. My imdante family ex. My children. Husband. Keeping a man ex. Keeping someone loneliness hurts pains sins rescue. Someone to spend forever with

Hello...I am under spiritual attack by demonic forces. This has been ongoing for the past 14 years. They have complete control over my body now. They manipulate my body and my vehicle. They have even made some of my personal property disappear. I have not given these beings any legal access to me or my home, therefore they are in violation of Spiritual Law. I believe I was targeted because of my devotion and service to humanity. Most of my work revolves around service to others. However, it is becoming increasingly more difficult for me to work under these circumstances. I believe that this is something that is hell bent on ruining my life. I believe what I need is mass prayer from many people, pastors, ministers, priests, and their parishioners so that all of the hosts of heaven will hear their prayer and their plea. Please pray for me and ask your members to do likewise! Thank you. Dante, USA

Problems need. Love favor healing my children there life and needs. Favor healing. Food. Good hope protection 

Worried anxious afraid. Gods love help ex. Want my family loved ones for christmas and good things to happen. To others a home to live in sutible me ally kids

My name is olive anderson need$1325.00 for van pymnt must have urgent need at least $300 more for dog food etc

Lord change my husbands heart. Help us to reconcile for our family amen

Lord help me find a job so I may be a blessing to others and that I can support myself financially. I also want to pray for my uncle who is unsaved and in need of help. I ask this in Jesus name.amen

Please pray for my daughter Cassidy. She is having a thyroid scan today. Please pray all is well with no serious issues. Thank you

Please pray that the Lord would deliver his people from evil men; That the Lord would preserve his people from violent men, who plan evil things in their heart and stir up wars continually. Please pray and intercede without ceasing that God’s will be done in the lives of the world’s leaders and for our leaders to seek God and listen to Him. Pray that they would be surrounded by godly counsel and, that our leadership would personally know God and the salvation found through faith in Jesus Christ alone. That we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness. God can turn the hearts of kings. Earnestly pray that the people of America and it’s leaders will humble themselves and seek the Lords face and turn from their wicked ways. Pray that the Lord would hear from heaven and forgive our countries sins and heal our land. God Bless America Pray that the Lord would grant peace in America, that we may lie down and no one will make us afraid. That the Lord would remove wild beasts from the land, and that the sword will not pass through our country and that President Trump along with our leaders be filled with power, with the Spirit of the Lord, and with justice and might to declare the sins of Gods people. Please pray that the Lord would pour out his spirit on his servants, throughout the world both men and women. In Jesus Name Amen.

Praying for a financial blessing, lord I have so many bills I need to pay. In Jesus name, I pray you bless my finances to pay off debt and to bless someone else.

DJ protection comma peace of mind. And favor and strengthening of this walk with God. As he goes to be transferred to the facility Kama he finds favour there as well and peace of mind Soul and Spirit. pray for myself directions my prayer life health strength and the meeting tonight. Pray for my family salvation Deliverance protection and strengthening of those that are safe. And 24/7 MCI.

That the shadow on my chest X-ray is nothing and and it's not lung cancer

Please pray for my son in law and for help with issues at work

Please pray that god removes all women from John Gautier's life so that he can stay faithful to April young. Please pray that Aprils curse is broken. Please pray that John's addiction is broken.

Dear Lord, thank you for my life and my family life . Father I ask for Your guidance. Give me the power of Your grace so that I may hear Your divine instructions. Remove any barriers that keep me from drawing near to You. Open my heart and clear my vision so that I may follow Your path. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Prayer for liberation of alcoholism nd drugs for Tom C. Please

Father, I pray against every spirit of blockage and barriers. Break any barrier that blocking the sand,jelletich and Garzoli family from being close to You. Remove it, Lord! I curse out every evil spirit in there life that attempts to hinder there blessings. I rebuke every thought or negative word spoken against the sand,jelletich and Garzoli family, break every chain! Break any barrier that blocks them from being close to You. Remove it, Lord! 1 Corinthians 2:12 Now we have received, not the spirit of the world, but the spirit which is of God; that we might know the things that are freely given to us of God.Every stronghold, Lord, let it vanish at the sound of Your great name! Pick them up, Lord, whenever and wherever they may fall, continue to hold them in the palm of Your hands. Raise them up, so that they will overcome mountains and prevail against any blockage, barrier or hindrance in there life. In Your precious Holy name, I declare that they victorious, through Christ Jesus, who is are strength! Amen

I pray for my mom health be better husband and build my faith in god

I pray for peace of mind courage strength And a solution to help me sort my life out I can't carry on if not. God please help me I'm at your mercy . Amen SLB X

Please pray for my friend Steve he needs help He has mental illness and unclean spirits as well as health issues and a drinking and drugs problem. He used to be a christian but walked out of the will of God and into false religion. Steve is really suffering. Please pray for his salvation healing and deliverance.

Healing prayers for D.

I pray for a finacial miracle I'm desperate I need so I can afford somewhere to live And restart my life I pray for good luck So as to survive . SB

My husband has brain cancer, he has been very ill for 3 years. He is back in the hospital , but we believe in miracles.

I really care about Krystal. We went on our first date in August And she told me she had a great time and we went to the mall and when I called uber she laid her Head on my shoulder and didn't want me to leave and she hug me and have told me she really enjoy talking to me. Than she was texting me saying why am not texting her back I was hanging out with my friend Hudson I left my iPhone at home and she texted me like five times saying when we hanging out and stuff. In September she text me boo what you doing ? She also said I look good She even said I don't we'd lie to each other I think others would. I asked her what she doing And she said visiting my dad I love you This month I saw her invited her to a concert and they paid her and she was talking to me and told me she glad I didn't go to San Francisco and she was thinking about me. I ask her if am allowed to surprise her in December and she said please don't get give up your hopes to date me. She told me she believes in the lord. I really care for her and want to date her again and keep dating her. She will be my only girlfriend.

Please pray for my sister Linda morgan that she can come home soon.she's been in prison for drugs but has been clean for sometime now.she's losing hope and drugs are all around her in there.she believes in the Lord and has given her life to him.thanks and God Bless

Please pray for my family and myself as we lost a loved one this morning. It's been a shock because it was so unexpected. The person who passed away was my brother. Please also pray for me that God provides me with a place to live of my own ASAP. My brother was not saved but, I don't know what his last words would have been if there was any. Thank you for your prayers.

Dear god please help me and my wife nicola to stay together, she is having a hard time, she is stressed, tired and not eating properly, help me to help her and support her, guide us both together and help keep us together, please love her as i do, please help her to realise how much i love and think of her, please grant a small miracle and keep us together so we can uphold our vows, forgive her of any sins and help her regain faith, happiness and health, let me love her as she deserves to be loved, please let me stay by her side as her loving and faithfull husband. I have helped others and sacrificed my self i have been charitable and stood for right, please grant this small miracle of us staying together. Amen

My relationship with my kids father is in turmoil and he is not doing right or living at home right now. Me and our kids is missing him and wish he grow up and come home to us. We both need to learn how to communicate and let the past be the past. I have been with him since 15 and I'm 33. I'm just ready to marry him and raise our family the way god inteneded for it to be. Thank you and please take the pain away from him being gone my heart aches so bad

John 14:13-14 Give Jeff and I a marriage that will honor & glory You! May we be in ministry together doing Your work. Deliver reconciliation soon father God. In your son's precious name Jesus! I ask, amen!

Please pray for my wife to come back home and forgive me for anything i did to hurt her. Please pray for our love to be everlasting. Please pray for us to never separate and leave one alone because with the two of us if one falls the other can pick him up. Please pray my wife understands how sacred our marriage is to me and that if she never leave me again I promise I will never give her a reason to.

I just lost a job because I have a felon. Im on diversion but that doesn't matter. I went through training and passed my test and I get this today. I've got to pay rent. I've got an M.A. in. Education and other skills. Im getting scared. Is God really real?

Need superabundant finances $1600 must have urgent. Could use$2_3 million or what ever lord will give me need breakthrough now please pray for it

Gods protection and healing of digestive system and sinus all stress related as one of house share people drinking and causing atomsphere big time no good please sort

That my son Peyton will prosper in his grades. That he will make a 100 in his upcoming Math test and bring his grade up. That as he takes the test everything he has studied will come back to him. Grace and favor over all 3 children in grades, friends, chosen activities from teachers and coaches and peers. Safety and health. May my family prosper. For a decrease in anxiety over me. Health Thank you Lord in advance for all of this. I ask these things in Jesus name.

Please pray for my daughter to find the right medical help she needs and that her boyfriend will marry her and take care of her

Shelbie is in need very much 

Pray for the Ewing family Jim Maureen Neil Aisling please who is going through a bad time Jim needs them most please

Needing help during this holiday season

I pray that I can come into some money to help out my family.

Just take me god and give my soul to some one else forgive me as I can't live like this

Please pray for me to pass the background investigation check for my job. I pray for Taliyah to be able to take out a student loan in her name so that she can return to school next term. Pray for Fred to receive his settlement from worker compensation soon.

God released all unexpected abuntantly checks money ,jobs,house prosper, lands ,wealth, freedom favor ,rightfully that is due to alonzo jr Marie Bridget alonzo se, akil chyla,khaill. Thank you

Dear god I can't carry on I'm so sorry I can't take any more I'm broke homeless frightend I have lost everything I'm so alone god pleas put me out of my misery . I can't take anymore I'm a broken heart and soul . Miso tired god I have lost my way all I do is pray .. Amen x Sharon

My husband Steve is not serving the Lord and has declared he is not happy and thinks he may want to end our marriage. There are about 5 instances over the last 9 years where he has been inappropriate with other females he works with. I have been praying that God would sow discord between him and this newest woman, Gisele, and that he would come back to the Lord. Please help me pray that would would turn his life around and save and heal our marriage. Thank you so much.

I need help. I'm so lost and confused. It scares me. I'm a single mother who is struggling with debt and unemployment. I'm scared that I will never find a job to take care of my son. I'm afraid that I will never get a place of our own. I'm afraid that I will lose my son. Please, please, please, pray for me. I don't know what else to do. Thank you. God bless.

Please pray that my fiancé Anthony court case goes inhis favor. He is innocent and would need less time to be with his family. I pray the lord is with him in my case and it goes in his favor for less time.

Please pray that my son frank get a job soon. I need a financial blessing, and to get back everything the enemy took from me

I'm asking for prayer this morning that the Lord will bless me with the job I'm seeking in the name of Jesus

Please pray that GOD camps his Angels around my 8 yr old son in this difficult time. Please pray that no weapon formed against him shall not prosper. In Jesus name Amen

Dear god my time has runout I feel like im dying and want to give up. I can't keep going anymore I am in a bad place because I have no money or home and just don't want tocarry on like this . SAVE ME GOD .. I pray for a miracle. Amen Sharon B

I'm praying for healing of arthritis in my joints, high BP. I want to thank the lord for the gift of children with secure jobs May the lord restore love and respect in my troubled marriage. We live in different worlds due to poverty at home but he now has a small Hse yet we agreed that I go to work to solve our cash problems. I've been let down Man of God

Please pray for Steve he was once born again but walked out of the will of God and into false religion . He is going through a lot and is very overwhelmed and confused. Please pray for his salvation healing and deliverance as well as clarity of mind and peace in the spirit and his strength.

Hi my name is Sarah Whyte, I will like to request a preyer request, as I really need gods help, I am very close to my son of 9 years, but unfortunately his been taken Into foster care, due to my depression me turning to cannibis at the time and being in a unhappy relationship with his dad, I preyed constantly that he would not be taken away, and he was still taken away from me, I understand I was doing wrong turning to cannabis and have fully stopped, I'm also now 7months pregnant and hope I can keep my baby girl. I'm just constantly missing my son, and feel emotional pain that I have never felt before, I am constantly preying that god will bring him back to me. I'm hoping to go back to court in a few months, but I feel the world is against me and all I want is my son back home with me again as I miss him so much, his dad is still drinking and smoking and im unable to stop him as he doesn't listen to me, but I have repented and changed my ways and just want to be the best mum I can be in God's love, please prey for me and my son, Thank you Sarah Whyte.

Praying for a clear report over my son's major accident last night, that the MRI will be free of any and all injuries! Claiming this now in the name JESUS...

Me and my new wife Rhonda need prayers im a back slide Christian and she doesn't know God she is also struggling with addiction I want God to have the glory in this and I want say thankyou for all who pray for us and God bless you

Peace and love to the world

My God, in Jesus Name I ask You to forgive my sins I have said though & done. Please lead me, let me do thy will. Thank You For answering my Prayers. We need a covering financial hand. I appreciate Your being here with me & finding a way.

I pray that Kelly Jai Carpenter will find it in her heart to forgive me and accept me back into her life. J.K.

Agree in prayer for God to endow Caleb Immanuel Scott with his holy spirit to be skilled in all learnings and blessed with the tongue of the learned to pass all his tests so he'll pass all his classes and make the A,B honor roll in Jesus name! Amen

Pray for my sister Rebecca who had the children services called on her for the 3rd time please save her children from being removed from there home LORD here my prayer AMEN

My son needs his retirement funds to come in to start new business. I need a settlement from a wreck and a contract awarded I applied for my work.Dan and Clair to fi d a house

Pray for my best friend Hosea Choice that he will come to know Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior.

I am currently pregnant and recently started having complications. I'm requesting prayers for my baby that he is born healthy and the complications will not hinder him and improve so that he will be ok.

Please pray for my financial needs. My home is in foreclosure and my bills are stacking up. My daughter and granddaughter had to move in with me due to abuse. My brother just died of pancreatic cancer and I had to travel to Texas many tines. I'm not sure which way to turn but yo Him. Please show me the way!

My prayer request is for marriage restoration and healing from my divorce . My name is Michelle and I would like the Holy Spirit to touch my husband heal him and remove him from darkness . Bring him back to me and my daughter heal us as a family . Amen

God I surrender I can't go on any more Save me or take me

Please pray for my daughter and boyfriend for help with health and employment issues. Give them the strength and resources to deal with these issues

Pray i reciev a double portion now HOLY SPIRIT FULLNEST. PRAY MY MINISTRY COMFORTH NOW!#!

Please pray that I don't loose my son in custody. Please pray for my son Thank you

Dear sir, My name is Sareen James in a name of Jesus Christ peace be with you . Sir I'm facing a so much problem in my life it's like that I going through a problem I can't concentrate on my life please help me I love one girl her name is Victoria ho from last nine months we both together and very happy but from last one month things are not working good she is the person when she's comes to my life I feel in name of God she made for me but know things are not working good please help in name of our father we both live together forever and ever in the of father son and holy sprite thanks. Regards, Sareen James

Please pray that God will bring me safely through my current c issues. I have been mired in sin and have confessed my sins and asked for forgiveness and healing. Please pray that God will be merciful and not let the load of any consequences be too heavy.

Please pray for my boyfriend and his court day tomorrow that everything goes in his favor , that they drop the case or give him less time with his dui, it's his first offense, pray that the judge is nice and understanding. God I'm asking you for your help again he's a good guy he doesn't deserve this at all. You sent me him but now I need your help.

Please pray for my son's terrell and chris please

Dear god I can't go on I'm sorry please forgive me but I'm dying inside . I can't save my self I just don't want to live any more please put me out of my pain and misery .

Dear god I pray I don't wake up in the morning I can't take any more Give my soul and heart to some one Who's heart won't break like mine has My life is over I have prayed for help but I can't take any more . Amen

Please pray for me to be able to concentrate and do well in my exam on 31st October 2016. Thank you and God bless you all.

Please pray for healing and freedom from pain medication and no withdrawals

Please pray for my daughters Valerie and Malerie salvation and deliverance, my son Damien salvation, I need prayer for my healing and deliverance, finances, guidance for the Lord

Agree with me in prayer for me and my family healing of allergies, sinus, ear clogs, infectious, tiredness and pains in are bodies to be healed. Pray for are plumbing Companys to get more and better contract and jobs. In Jesus's name, Amen

Dear god I'm not coping at all I pray to you to help me to survive I can't carry on much longer I'm exhausted from stress anxiety very little sleep and fear whats going to happen to me Save me god I pray for your help in my darkest hours of need I pray non stop and Await your guidance and hope and pray For a miracle . I pray for all who are suffering like me . Thank you god for listening to my prayers I continue to have faith and hope to Be able to get through tommorow and the days to follow . Sharon b

Dear, Heavenly Father. I know you are the God of the impossible. All things are possible through you God. For this reason, I'm praying for the salvation of Eli. Please, God, touch his life, bring him to you. Be relentless in your pursuit for his soul. In the same way Isee him passionate about the things he loves, I see him passionate about You God. In the same way I see him teach so well, I see him teaching people your word God and touching other people's lives. I see Eli serving You and praising You God. Give him a strong want and need for You God. Give him a taste for all things that come from you and disgust toward all things that displease you. Keep him away from sin and from sinning and put the right people into his life that will bring him to You. I pray this to be true for not only Eli, but for all of his family and for all the friends and family who read this who are praying this same prayer for their loved ones. Let it be true for them, too. Thank you so much for your miracles. I pray in Jesus name, Amen. Please keep him in your prayers.

Pray for me to find a God-given job.and to recover all that the enemy stole frus .God Almighty,please take away the bitterness in me and replace it with your everlasting joy,we are living in different parts of the world with nmy husband due to poverty.i had to leave home to look for work far away,the last time this happened,we had serious marrital problems please Lord close the gap between us in Jesus mighty name.we need de liverance,spiritual upliftment,prosperity,abundance in Jesus name Amen.

Hi my nsme is Diane I need deep prayers the hospital told me that my fibroids has grown but utd not cancerous I have to go and get a pep smear from my prime Dr I am urinating a lot lower back hurts but I Dont feel sick please keep me in your prayers please please pray for me that I will get good news it could be shrink or I could take med to shrink it come on God work on please you told to ask come on father please can I have my happy life back Amen

a united nation

Son with dmd and 4 more kids and a wife that has giving up on god

Can you please pray for me I believe God has already blessed this prayer.But I am still in desperation and dependence before our Lord, because I am so weak. Father in Jesus name I come before You because in my own name I am neither worthy nor known. God I ask so that believers may be encouraged , so nonbelivers may believe, for Your happiness, and for our families sake, for Ariels sake and mine, and as a witness against Your enemies and for Your glory God.I ask for Your forgiveness please forgive Ariel and I for our disobedience.And I beg You God as You had mercy on the people of Ninevah please have mercy on us because I fear You. I pray I put our marriage, I put Ariel, and I put myself in Your hands.Let us be, do, think, want, and say all You want us to be, do, think, and say.For the rest of this year we probably have to live in different cities due to work and etc.God please bless this marriage right now today and forever! May You always protect it from other men and bless it may their be no unfaithfulness and may it last forever and never break again even now! And may God take the bitterness away from between us now and replace it with true love and true joy! I love You God. May this marriage glorify and show You to others. Also please today if In Your will please restore my health blessings and youth that my own sin, satan, and the world has robbed from me.And if it is in Your will may my wife and spend more time together and may You bless . Also please give me extraordinary intelligence and blessings with a job school and grades. In the powerful name of Jesus I believe this is done amen. Also I am a slave to sin pray the Lord has mercy on me

prayer for breakthrough in my speaking,career,destiny...mercy and grace to spread for me abroad and spirit of Bishop david oyedepo to enter me...

“And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.” ‭‭Romans‬ ‭8:28‬ ‭NKJV‬‬ Lord, hear my prayer, may it be your will for my husband and I to communicate. Help us to address certain finances together. Take away all anger and resentment away from his heart. Soften Jeff's hardened heart into a righteous heart of flesh (Christ like) Bind the enemy to no longer deceive my husband. Remove all negative from my husband. May he desire to comeback to his wife and stepson whom he's raised for 6 years. I hate divorce, I know the consequences first hand, please save my marriage. Restore Jeff's heart and mind. Take of the veil from his eyes. Awaken his spirit. May he come to repentance and healing. Lord, fight for my marriage! May it be your will that we come out Strong from this trial, and that our marriage be on a strong foundation with You in it. Lord, lead me, and help me to be the wife he needs. Give us a miracle by putting all my mess in order! In your sweet son Jesus I ask. Amen! Thank you for loving me. Carry me in your arms Father. Help my husband Jeff, be with him day and night.

Please pray over me I find a Better Job, I lost my current job of 6yrs/ never missed a day of work & I need a new job. Also pray that I qualify for unemployment, please, I very worried & scared because I dont know how me or my family will make it. Money is running out, please pray the lord bless me financially. And please pray that at least I receive unemployment to get by, til I am hired somewhere, I really need it & have worked very hard in USA, and am seeking work , please pray over me and my family. Pray that I find a good stable, steady job. Thank you

Dear God plz pray for me my utilities have been off since June I was in a bad car accident so now I have no car people I turned to for help that I've helped and lend money refuses to help me Plz pray for love and perfect health.

Prayer for my mother Mary Health and Michelle breaththrough financial. I also need a car.

Dear god I pray for a miracle to survive as I'm homeless broke and in need of you help to help me find the way to be happy again as I have lost every thing I'm fighting to get through this nightmare and I don't think I can carry on much longer as I'm so very tired and just pray for PEACE OF MIND STRENTGH COURAGE GUIDANCE I trust and have faith in you god please help and answer my prayer I am struggling please god stop my Herat ache stress pain worry and insecurity and constant fear . All my love from my Heart Thank you god its in your hands Sharon Sharon

Please pray for my relationship with John. I fornicated again and I became jelous dark acussing him of horrible things with his aunt and then he changed and became as he didn't felt anything for me rude cruel. He was,aggressive he took my ring back he was making fun of me when I was trying to apologize.He said he didn't want to get married. Please pray for us. Thank you.

My sister Melissa has lymphomatic cancer an dneeds healing. My boyfriend kevin also isn't saved and need prayer for mom who is in jail for immigration purposes and need god to intercede.

I need $65,000.00 today.I have been praying & talking to God.This is a a need to pay all my bills.If I don't get it I will be homeless.I have no family so please pray for a miracle for me.Thank You.Denise Bender

My Lord I come home before your presence no you're the Messiah The Miracle Worker icon humbled before your presence to ask you to help my wife find a job and have serenity Seacoast hits Journey amen

Lord who is in heaven my fiance of 7 almost 8 years said our relationship is over and we have two Beautiful boys together and I will forever be grateful if we were to reconcile our relationship between us to keep our family together and work on our troubles we have as one I know I took her for granted and I am sorry Lord please forgive me in all my mistakes I have made I will do my best to make it right with you just hear my prayers and bring myself and my beloved together once again I thank you Lord for hearing my prayer and on the Lord's name I pray Amen your servant. Jake

That me my family friends and the world who believe be delivered to christ on the day and the hour he calls. To heal the sick help those who have no food or clothes and those being lead down the wrong path a chance for salvation and reject every aspect of satan thank you God bless Amen

Peace on earth and prayers for honest negotiations. Need clarity and resolve.  Thnx.

Healing prayer for Harry K. in Nebraska.   Grant. us strength.

Pray for me i have ses. On my kidney. And on my liver please. Pray for. Me

Gatekeepers and warriors please pray for my son Michael Moore healing deliverance employment and salvation.Close all demonic unclean principalities and wickedness generational curses slothfulness anger. strife unforgiveness doors and open doors of the fruits of the spirit and employment and salvation doors.

Prayers for our govt.  

Lord let Gary put my soccer team up against a Division 3 a or 3 b team today on the schedule set to play Sunday. Lord heal Dorothy, Ishmael, Dheya, Hussein, Sajid, Audrey, Mishari, Dagmara ,Gabruella and Sal B. ,Marcie B. ,Joe M. ,Thanks for praying,John.B.

Dear god I can't take the pain I can't carry on much longer I'm in a dark place I'm rock bottom I need a way out I have run out of choices it's up yo you to intervene you know my thoughts and prayers save me god I beg of you or at least put me out of my misery heartache and pain homeless /broke / I have nothing left god I'm exhausted with stress worry and no sleep for months I can't carry on like this for much longer HELP ME X Sharon amen

Please pray for the health and happiness of my sister.  Its her birthday today.  

Please pray for my daughter that she favor over her foster child. Favor over the court system In Jesus name

Please heal my soul from A traumatic incident that occurred thirty years ago That still gives me fear. I need spiritual healing And complete peace.

Jesus said to always pray and gave the example of the parable or the widow can you please pray for me I believe God has already blessed this prayer.But I am still in desperation and dependence before our Lord, because I am so weak. Father in Jesus name I come before You because in my own name I am neither worthy nor known. God I ask so that believers may be encouraged , so nonbelivers may believe, for Your happiness, and for our families sake, for Ariels sake and mine, and as a witness against Your enemies and for Your glory God.I ask for Your forgiveness please forgive Ariel and I for our disobedience.And I beg You God as You had mercy on the people of Ninevah please have mercy on us because I fear You. I pray I put our marriage, I put Ariel, and I put myself in Your hands.Let us be, do, think, want, and say all You want us to be, do, think, and say.For the rest of this year we probably have to live in different cities due to work and etc.God please bless this marriage right now today and forever! May You always protect it from other men and bless it may their be no unfaithfulness and may it last forever and never break again even now! And may God take the bitterness away from between us now and replace it with true love and true joy! I love You God. May this marriage glorify and show You to others. Also please today if In Your will please restore my health blessings and youth that my own sin, satan, and the world has robbed from me.And if it is in Your will may my wife and spend more time together and may You bless . Also please give me extraordinary intelligence and blessings with a job school and grades. In the powerful name of Jesus I believe this is done amen. Also I am a slave to sin pray the Lord has mercy on me

Dear god. I pray for answers to help me find some wher to live and work so I can survive and hope faith and courage to get me on my to find my life's purpose god I promise I know my heart and soul I know you are with me and count my blessings for the people who you have sent me who are keeping me alive My heart is breaking my self worth has been Destroyed I'm lost and need your guidance I have faith and trust and know I have to survive to be able to continue to help and care for others which makes me happy but I need help to heal Please show me the way god I count my blessings for the few people who genuinely care and support me god I am sincerely in debted to these few . I pray for a miracle to happen I pray for health and your guidance all my love Sharon b

Need healing for a financial matter. Have money to pay back person and for legal issue go in my favor. Olive anderson

Please I'm begging for prayers for my daughter. She fell in love with an abusive boyfriend. We made them breakup. She is looking to replace the void in her life. She's been seeing someone else and he has been leading her on. She feels worthless. She will be 18 in January and I'm scared she will make bad decisions. I know there is power in prayer. Please I'm begging God to send her an angel.

Please pray the Lord will provide a good job for my husband at a retirement community again. He is getting unable to work 18 hr days 7 days a week for a low salary in a bar atmosphere at his age.

Please pray for my son john and his wife Maryellen they are separated and she went to London with their child he is heartbroken please pray that they get back together as a family thank you godbless

I don't mean to be selfish but I am in dire need of strength to not give into my demons of late. I'm making bad decisions because I feel insulated from the world where I might be hurt. I know I am of better service to humankind if I can get off the junk. Thank you and I wish you eternal love and compassion.

Heavenly Father my sister needs you to touch her lord heal her body,she has a mass in lung and brain. Lord reach out to her heal her I ask this in the name if Jesus Christ Amen.

 I need gods help to make a good stable living,proverbs 31 asain women,father saved and healed,richard Mahoney sr,friends, stronger walk with jesus,i ask for this in jesus name I pray mane.

My name is Veronica,my prayer request is that God make my 06 Ford Mustang,run like new once again any repairs be done in the name of Jesus,and bring a job and money to me asap,been off work a month due to no transportation,Please Father in the name of Jesus

Please help my husband and I to communicate better. It hurts us both to be at odds and our relationship is important. I don't like feeling like I don't matter. I don't like him not hearing me. Though, if my way of communicating is causing this, please help me to do it better.

Please pray for me I want to have a baby. I have three already but had a miscarriage in June.I want my husband to stop drinking and smoking.

 Please pray for me that the car that I'm wanted will be granted by the Lord. .Glory to God...

Dear god I pray to you to help me survive I'm broke homeless and feel like giving up my life is a nightmare I'm all alone and have lost every thing . Can't carry on much longer this is a living nightmare and I just need a miracle to save me You hear my prayers you know my fears you see my tears and know my pain . I'm losing the will to carry on god SAVE ME my hearts broken my life's a mess and I don't know what else to do god show me the way !!! I'm so scared and vunerable I need some thing to go right Please god I pray for your intervention in all aspects of my life I'm mentally physically and emotionally exhausted from the stress and worry I need to feel safe I need sleep I need peace of mind god . Thank you for watching over me amen Sharon b.

Please pray that my dad is healed completely and that he is alive and healthy and well. Thank you for your prayers and God bless you all.

Please Pray that my husband will make contact with me as soon as possible we had a argument and haven't talked or seen each other in 11 days I'm only 16 years old. I love him with all my heart and I hate fighting with him please pray that he will become a better husband. Thank You. x

I am a young widow who has a lung disease and asking for prayers that God will heal both my lungs because I do not want to leave my children. In the name of Jesus I ask for healing. Amen. Please pray for me.

My Lord and Saviour Jesus please help me in my time of great need. I love you Jesus with all my heart and will remain there forever. Please heal my body of COPD,, as only you can. Amen

Healing for my son. 

Pray for me I need strength and break through. .

I am very small in height but i am asking GOD, give me more height.I want to grow more.I just want it.GOD please accept my prayer request.Please,pray for me!!!

I like prayer for a new job with benifits and good christian coworkers.

Lord please restore my relationship with David..we planned a future together... I feel like the enemy broke our relationship... I rebuke the devil he is a liar..I pray Lord in your precious sons name Jesus amen.

Prayer4th fruits of my womb,grandkids and their mothers, Lavion 4 deliverance from all generational curses,demonic spirits and forces,principalities,wickedness seen and unseen bind,rebuke and cast them all in the pits of hell and close all doors seal the doors with the promised holy spirit and cover the doors with th blood of Jesus.Raise my love one up in Gods cloud of Shakinah Glory so their souls wont be left in hell to be tormented for eternity by satan,his demons,emps,worms and fire that4ever burns never quenched. In Jesus name

Please could you pray for salvation for humanity and her family for salvation humariah gave her life to Christ yesterday ,she was a Muslim pray blessings on her and family in yeshuahs name amen

Can you please pray for me I believe God has already blessed this prayer.But I am still in desperation and dependence before our Lord, because I am so weak. Father in Jesus name I come before You because in my own name I am neither worthy nor known. God I ask so that believers may be encouraged , so nonbelivers may believe, for Your happiness, and for our families sake, for Ariels sake and mine, and as a witness against Your enemies and for Your glory God.I ask for Your forgiveness please forgive Ariel and I for our disobedience.And I beg You God as You had mercy on the people of Ninevah please have mercy on us because I fear You. I pray I put our marriage, I put Ariel, and I put myself in Your hands.Let us be, do, think, want, and say all You want us to be, do, think, and say.For the rest of this year we probably have to live in different cities due to work and etc.God please bless this marriage right now today and forever! May You always protect it from other men and bless it may their be no unfaithfulness and may it last forever and never break again even now! And may God take the bitterness away from between us now and replace it with true love and true joy! I love You God. May this marriage glorify and show You to others. Also please today if In Your will please restore my health blessings and youth that my own sin, satan, and the world has robbed from me.And if it is in Your will may my wife and spend more time together and may You bless . Also please give me extraordinary intelligence and blessings with a job school and grades. In the powerful name of Jesus I believe this is done amen. Also I am a slave to sin pray the Lord has mercy on me.

Please pray for me name is Maria I been single for 11 year now.

Please pray I sell my car .family needs money Single mom

God, I pray that you would bless Jeff and prosper him. (Jeremiah 29:11) I thank you that the plans you have for my husband are for good, not for evil, to give him hope and a future. May Jeff turn away from his sinful ways, place it on his heart, mind, and soul to deny himself and pick up his cross. Renew Jeff into a new man. (Isaiah 55:5-6) May it be your will that Jeff returns to you fully, in obedience and love. Restore us both individually, so we can come together stronger than ever, with you in the center of our marriage. (Deuteronomy 30:3-13) (1 Corinthians 7:10-11) Bless us father. Provide us with a miracle. May Jeff and I change our legacy by leaving a good example of marriage to our children. (Mathew 19:26) Place forgiveness and your agape love between us all as a family. Unite and prosper us all under your authority. “I know my husband Jeff will be back in Your timing not mine, for Your glory.” In the name of Jesus I ask all these things. Amen!

I need prayer for my marriage my husband loves me but has a big defect and weakness looking at other women. Lust has been an ongoing issue. I'm very tired of this even though he shows me lots of love but it makes me feel disrespected and insecure. Sometimes I ask God should I just move on and get a divorce? Six years married and that has not changed. Please pray this spirit of Lust is released. I can't take much of this any longer. God bless you thank you.

I am asking for God to save my soul from meth an addiction since 19 yrs.old. Please pray for me. Thank you in Jesus name

My name is judy i live in san bernardino ca i am moving this month October 31 i need strength ti move everything in this house into the new house but i also have a issue also the women in the house im suppose ti mive into is still there cause her new house she said should be ready October 8 im asking for prayer that we get into the house soon but also have this house packed and ready and the new house resdy also i am stress a bit but i know prayer helps. Please lord and let my retreat with the women go good on the 32 and 33 of october lord you know im facing so much this month i feel like its me alone to do it all give me strength lord Anen......judy ...

Dear god thank you for listening I pray for peace of mind and good health and help me to grieve and take away the pain . I have lost everything and need your guidance to help me find a new life a place to live A job. And finacial miracle I pray for people who are going through the same thing Thank you god amen Sharon.

i ask in jesus name i pray amen,for salvation and complete physical healing for my dad richard mahoney sr, proverbs 31 wife for me, in gods timing,stronger walk daily with jesus, my car loan paid off in gods perfect timing, i need gods help to make a good stable strong living each and every month more than what im making now 7 times that ,i ask for peace and wisdom direction for my life,and to give more to my church and other ministrys of god,

Prayer for me ,kids,and my partner. My partner has got on drugs real bad also drinking. Asking for God to release him from that. Even his friends he have got hooked up with.

Please pray God set me free in my mind , for peace, more faith, no worries or fear, but more faith in my life to over come. Please pray that I will find a church and have desire to go. Pray God will show me the way . Thank u Adela.

Father, please help the situation with me and Lissy. Please heal her and please calm my worry. Help me not to give into the temptation to give up on her, but help me to bw there for her even if she does not want or know that I am there for her. I pray please for restoration of contact so that we may talk again, and I pray for an opportunity to meet soon so we can pray in person and allow God to freely move. Please pray that she gets in contact as it's breaking my heart. Thank you.

I ask in jesus name I pray for answered prayer in the following areas of my life,salvation&physical healing for my dad Richard Mahoney sr, proverbs31 wife in gods timing,i need jesus to provide for me daily in a big and mighty way,stronger walk with jesus.peace,wisdom direction from jesus daily for me.

Unspoken prayer request for my friend Maria

Please pray for my grandson Christopher and his attorney.

Hi my name is Lisa my family and I have been going true a lot some have been involved with drugs and alcohol it's very stressful for my mother as she still has them living with her she won't tell them to leave because they have no other place to go it's not fair on the ones that have to put up with it there's always arguing and fighting it's very upsetting please pray for me and my family and my mother a lot have bad things has happened to us and it doesn't seem to be getting better I don't know what else to do please pray for the bad luck and evil to leave us please pray that we might live a normal happy life for once thank you , Lisa, godbless

im a newlywed and my husband abandoned me. he was saved before we got married. he walked out after viciously yelling at me then pushed me. he was suffering from depression and was giving into alcohol. praying for restoration and healing over our marriage. praying for my husband daniel to seek god and to come home

Please pray for my relationship with Eric to turn itself around and for him to seek out counseling with me.

Please pray for my friend, Ann, she is in critical condition. Cold, pneumonia and spitic (infection of the blood ).Doctors say there is nothing else they can do.I know God can do miracles.That is what she needs. Amen.

Please pray for addiction to computer and my son travis is in a chirstion rehave for drincking please pray tha jesus heal him and everone thats there with him also please pray for my daugher crystal to come to christ and free from her addiction god will do it thank u judy.

Please pray for my mom who has dementia. I am her daughter, please pray that God will heal my body my finances so that I can take care of my parents. I also ask that you pray for me to have a saved husband. I pray that God will watch over my brother and stop him from drinking. Watch over my dad.

Please pray for the complete restoration of my marriage. My husband Jason and I have had a very rough year. He has shut down and is unsure if he can contrinue in our marriage. He is very hurt and filled with regret. Please pray for God to heal his heart and mind and for our marriage.

My friend, Ann, is in critical condition. Doctors say there is nothing else they can do.I know God can heal.please pray for her recovery.

Pray for a spouse/wife genesis2v18 pray for victory over my enemies total restoration deliverance financial freedom and supernatural breakthrough pray for wisdom and guidance for more faith /grace for open doors to God b the glory in Yeshuas name amen

Please pray for Gods to protect me maureen semple and sort out my sinus problem in Jesus name and blood amen.

I'm from Malaysia. I prayer request for my fren Mr Gunalan who HV suffering from lymph in neck pls pray for him healing n accept Jesus as saviour thank for ur prayer n gbu.from victoria.

God my time has run out I now have lost everything my home my life is in tatters I'm struggling god I'm exhausted the mental torment physical and emotional stress and worry has taken its toll I'm on my blended knees for your help please god Pick me up and show me the way I can't take any more pain and insecurity No home ! No money ! My future depends on a finacial miracle to be able to SURVIVE I pray for your help PLEASE HELP ME And I trust and have faith what ever you decide I just want peace of mind and can only offer my heart and soul and love in return for My life's purpose of what I am supposed to do now for you GOD Thank you for listening and hearing my prayer . Amen bless you god . Sharon B.

My name is Jessica. I'm asking for prayer for enployment and education funds.

Please pray that me and David Jay communicate better fix our relationship and stay together forever and a financial breakthrough to pay my debts ijnip amen.

Pls pray for my son, for wisdom and guidance Pls pray that he believes he is a man and believe in God.

Start a new job need a healing for health list last job cause of health need healing and deliverance.

Please pray that me and David Jay communicate better fix our relationship and stay together forever and a financial breakthrough to pay my debts ijnip amen.

My name is Willis Richmond I think I lost my job.

I need prayer have many health issues but now also I need 2 surgeries one for hernia and another for vein/artery repair in lower body region also please pray for Sara's family health, safety and finances. Thanks for all prayers.

I'm a 65 year young women and in the last Six months I feel like Ive aged 10 years I seem to hurt everywhere and my doctor just told me I have arthritis in my knee and foot which makes it hard for me to walk.I feel to young for this body because in my mind I only feel 50.I so want to do things agan I,also can't seem to remember anything and it's so embarrassing please,pray for me I so desperately need a healing thank you.

Dear Lord please make richard John turner Of hounslow to see the errors of his way towards me of late.on the 4th September it was his birthday he left me out then on the 18th sept it was my little boy in heaven birthday he was horrible on the day and didn't support me at all.he never shows me he loves me he likes to preach he does but his actions say other wise.i love him to bits and I want you to some how work a miracle and show him how to practise what he preaches.he does everything for every one else even irrelevant people I always seem to be at the back of the que&yet he says he puts me first how I don't know because he never does.teach him how to respect and treat a woman because obviously it wasn't taught at home growing up.please show me a signal from above that he loves me and misses me as he had not called or text me once in days and please make him not flirt with other women at all.amen.

I need prayer for :i have a problem with my swollen painful foot and swollen breast i have been praying need matthew 18:20

Dear God Please help me to survive this nightmare of What Ian has done ! I pray for somewhere to live . I pray for my health to get better after being so ill . I pray for strength courage and to get my self esteem back . I pray for your love and guidance and understanding as I pray each night . Please SAVE me god as I am scared and worried sick about whats going to happen to me I have no home ! No money ! And I'm struggling to work and get through every hour of the day and night . I'm so very tired God I have lost so much weight and feel like part of me is dying inside from all the pain and lies and deceit the trust has gone after 29 years and he just wants to get on with his life with this woman who has wrecked my life and taken everything away . So cruel god I deserve better I'm such a kind careing person I gave half my life to this man And he does this and destroys me and says he cares and worries and sorry he has hurt and destroyed me !!! HE NEEDS HELP GOD PLEASE HELP HIM HE IS RUNNING AWAY please help me SURVIVE THIS NIGHTMARE I continue to pray and hope and pray for a financial miracle to save me . I count my blessings for my friends Maurice and Marilyn who are trying to help me stay alive . Help all the people who are going through the same pain and heartache as me and know I love you god with all my heart and soul You are keeping me going but I'm so tired god I don't know how much longer I can take all this . My life's purpose is in your hands god show me the way and I will do my best I promise as I only know how to give and care for others As I have done this all my life . No more heartache /pain /suffering/ worry/and fear..I have given everything I have to others and It would be nice to have HELP WHEN I NEED IT IN MY DARKEST HOURS AND TIME OF LIFE . All my love Sharon B.

For success at school and to have a girl friend.  Thank you for caring and praying

For my church to grow in members for the church for the spirit of god to work in my church member hearts in power for a love encounter with God for each member of my church for god to do miricles for my church for god to protect my church members for the spirit of the lord to speak through my pastor for a stronger anointing on my church for one accord in my church with divine order for instruments for the church and a drummer and a drum kit the new wonderful house of the lord  that the lord told me he would build for our church for financial miricles for everyone in my church and for gods will in our church for everyone in my church to be delivered and protected for love and harmony and fellowship and one accord that we would all cultivate strong character and uncompromising integrity give us genuine testimonies that our souls and spirits would be strengthneed in our personal or quiet time with god that we would value and follow biblical priorities . That we would all learn to quote the scriptures over our live for more youth in our church. for the money to get the church bus fixed and in drivable condition Quote scriptures over our lives That we would all fast and pray and consecrate ourselves to god making our prayers request known and praying together and for one another always seeking to do God's Will to be taught by the lord. That we would all read the bible out loud over our lives for god to promote my pastor to a new level.

Hey I'm Laura Arnett and my old man John Ledford and our 2 services dogs are homeless we don't have any money for a hotel room or something to eat. Please God help us we ask those things in Jesus Christ Amen.

I need a financial miracle. I am also battling depression. Thanks for the prayers.

Please Father God protect me and stop attacks of devil as I'm under at momentioned and stop devil.making me believe lies in Jesus name and blood amen.

Please pray for my grand daughter Isabella Guzman she is very sick from a sore throat and she is losing her voice and that is all I have heard from my daughter i have call and text them and am worried don't know more please pray that my grand daughter is fine please lord.

Please pray for my husband Will and I. He is in a halfway house away from me and our 6 yr old son. And it takes a toll him along with guilt from his past and when we he gets mad he says really hurtful things and says he is done with me and leaving me. I love my husband and I know he loves me. Please pray for our marriage and for him to protected from evil trying to bring him down.

Dear God thank you for listening to me pray I am great need of your love and support to give me strength and courage to go forward with my life as I'm now all alone please open the doors to help me find work and some where to live that will be affordable I count my blessings and pray for people in the same position .please take away the fear stress and worry . Help me to be well and healthy again I pray for finacial security and feeling safe . Thank you god I will continue to pray for your intervention in all aspects of my life so I can FUFIL my life's plan I promise to follow you And trust and have faith that you will pick me up now as I'm at my lowest point . All my love Sharon .B

Please pray in agreement: That I get the windows admin IT job at bank of America. I ask in the name of Jesus that he touch Andrew Kristensen. Give me rhis opportunity O God . I ask in the name of JESUS. and let it be your will not mine. I believe, by faith, this prayer request will come to past. Amen and amen.

God, place fear in Jeff's heart. Break free from all strongholds. Allow him to understand That they are consequences to divorce, and living in sin. i pray my prodigal husband would return back to his marriage. Allow Jeff to be obedient to the Holy Spirit’s conviction and the Lord telling him to go home. Pray for a spiritual breakthrough. Completely transform Jeff's heart. Save him from destruction. May this all be your will Lord. In Jesus name I ask. Amen! "The fear of the Lord is a fountain of life, turning a man from the snares of death." Proverbs 14:27

I recently was released from prison and realize again how life is full of choices. I'm a new person who is trusting Christ in all this but my family is under attack. My request is for my sister's & their families. For my parents peace in their children's lives. For my courage in working back in society.

I am praying for restoration in my life, asking God to except my repentance. Asking the church members to pray my strength in the Lord. Asking God to make me the Woman I was set on this earth to be, to depend on his grace , walk in faith, and live my life according to his will, Amen.

Dear God, I surrender to you my relationship with Christopher. I ask your help to bring him back to me. Reunite us Lord, our hearts, our feelings, and love as one.That no one will get in the way of us and he will no longer speak to his ex-wife and ex-girlfriends. Please Lord, guide him and touch his heart that I am the only woman he wants to be intimate with in his life forever. I beg that we see each other soon. I ask you heal and remove his addictions. I have faith that you can make this happen soon. Help us to be successful in our finances and live better life. I praisr your name, show your love and annoint our relationship.That I will see mind blowing miracles. In Jesus name. Amen.

Protection healing prosperity and financial increase. Im asking for my fines to be paid off for me and for me not to go to jail because of my Warrants. for a new jeep in my name I'm prayering for a the following items for my music ministry Shure 58 mics  1 all in one music computer Music software Studio monitors Monitor isolation pads Uninterrupted power supply ups Virtual instruments USB music keyboard Usb synthesizer USB mic Pop filters Acoustic treatment Interface for my guitar Distortion pedal Esp eclipse 2 Electric guitar Guitar picks Amp cords and cables Guitar strap Strap lock Strings Bogner amp head ecstacy Marshal cabinets Fog machine Lights Clothes Mic stands PA system Practice Speaker for vocals Practice space Ear plugs Amp phones Business cards Merch Fellow christian musicians to join me Practice space And 1 million dollars for my ministry to have missions, charities and projects for the building of the kingdom on earth  For god to help me write my book giving me great ideas and every spiritual blessing in need to sit and focus to write my book proficiently for god to give me a christian partner to write the book with.

Please pray for my family as my small kids have been molested for years by their mother. I have barely managed to get the kids away from her but she wants to see them for my daughter's birthday. Police, physicians and social work are no help and many times have acted in the wrong way by giving the kids to their mother. Please pray very hard as I have been praying for five years but still she has managed to rape our children during those difficult years. Also pray for our finances as we are bankrupted over these problems, having lost home and career to save the kids. Lord have mercy.

Please pray for the church in which i am placed as the parish priest. there are two groups which dont like each other. they both want that i should act according to their wimps and fancies. may the holy spirit act in their parched hearts for a reconciliation.

I bought a house and it has a crack in it. I want to sell can you pray for me.

My minivan got stuck in the flash flood this evening in Wichita, KS and the engine got flooded. It won't start, and it's the only reliable transportation my family has. Please pray that God provides the money to get it repaired or to get a new vehicle, if needed. Thanks. Jim.

pray for me to get a job of my dream which is electrician job.

Heavenly Father, I come to you today to ask you for your help in repairing the relationship between Stephen and I. I ask you to help bring us clarity, strength, and the ability to understand. I ask you to bring us together, not as two, but as one, under the strength and guidance of you, Heavenly Father. It is stated that "Again, truly I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything they ask for, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven." I ask you to hear my prayer, Father. To hear my cries, as we come together as ask you to repair what has been broken, to clear our misunderstandings and transform it to a path of everlasting love. In Jesus name we pray.

my prayers request is for GOD to give me an electrician job and my dream New citizenship passport to my dream country Canada.

Please could you pray for. Julie Zai and Margret. We don't have a home we don't have a car either. Please. Please. Especially I have a Grandbaby. She is only 14 months old we don't have anywhere to go PLEASE HELP thanks God bless.

Please I ask that you pray for me and my family we are having financial and family issues. I asked that you pray that Timothy Bowen's cone back home to his family Amen.

May Islam actually become the religion of peace we keep saying it is.

Please don't let me get found out for anything let jehovahs name be sanctified bless his apostles and pray for my enemies souls amen Colleen.

Healing prayers for D. Thank you.

Jesus send out your holy spirit to saturate his presence at my fathers job today, place the holy spirits hands on his car may the holy spirit take complete control of his time this week while at work because Im in dire need of spiritual aid and sadly my father is able to help me transportation included, please cause the prayer partner aiding in this prayer to know that Im trying to use my father to help me with my spiritual issues, so may they pray that the holy spirit which is alive and merciful is indeed with him at his Job and takes control of his work schedule because as a cab driver he is able to take nights off and days off when he so ever chooses, so may the holy spirit have his way regaurding his work schedule regaurding this week, because my spiritual matters are more important than that, Jesus I confess that I belive that you are alive, so please take control of his time at work this week, and may your holy spirit have his way completely at his job and his work schedule, and nothing else, this a very important and grave prayer may the the prayer partners harken to every word of these matters. For my uncle Jean also. Jesus I also ask for your grace to completely covers this prayer also.

Please pray for us as we move into our new home. 

Gracious Father, may help us all to rest in Your Peace, and not worry. May You Heal us all from the things we hang onto. Show us all how to receiving healing for our wounds, for our sickness. Show Lord How to receive Your Peace and stay in it. In Jesus name we Pray.

For court tomorrow for them not to take my rights away from my kids to give me 1 more time to fix the problem.

please pray my faith returns. i know philippians 4:13. our son been battling drugs,, lying stealing for yrs. was clean, relapsed. now has a beautiful daughter and one on way. so stressed. God keep babies safe. may they let me see them they punish me when call them out and dont let me see her. breaks my heart, she loves me too, stability. God be with our son and daughter n law, their depression, back pain, whatever causes them to do drugs. Lord may they accept you. lord keep babies safe..forgive me but i am weary and tired of worrying. Give me strength to give to God. heartbroken. God bless each of you. may my husband accept you too. Lord I ask for divine intervention. amen.

Hello please could you pray for my amazing Dad Jeffrey who has recently found out he has asbestos cancer which is both inoperable and incurable he needs healing from this terminal illness and needs to know God more as he prays but feels no one listens help him to know God hears him and for him to be restored to full health thank you very much.

Please help me pray for a husband from God. I want God to choose my future husband, not me. I want a pure and holy Union blessed by God. I will be a virtuous and faithful wife Lord. Please send me a husband. My heart desires to be a wife and mother. Amen.

I pray for divine intervention to watch over John Michael always on his deployment and safety for Geoffrey as well. May we be blessed with financial blessings so we can find a place to stay send a your angels and crush all our enemies protect us always this I ask in your name and Jesus name Amen.

Need Prayer for Marriage Restoration and to Remove Negative Influences from my Wife's Life. Her family Lies and manipulates her Mind. She is also Chemical Dependent, Depressed and Isolated. She Quit Going to Church and Has No Positive or Spiritual Women in her Life.

I need direction in what I should do with my life in order to have fulfillment. I need work ASAP. I am raising my great niece and her school is very expensive. I need $1000 by the end of the month. I need faith that it will come.

Please pray for me , am having this horrible cough and my wedding is coming up. I need total healing from God .

Pray for me that Lord Jesus will remove these lice and other skin problems from me . Praise the Lord Bobby

Please pray that the lines of communications will be opened positively between Langston and I soon. Thanks ,Brittney please pray in agreement with me. Matthew 18:19 - "Again, truly I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything they ask for, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven.

I pray for me Lucinda Morton's Cherry (Cindy) 106 Clearview Ln. Lafayette Tennessee 37083 and John Michael Wulf (Wolf) 633 Napier Ln.Westmoreland Tennessee 37186 make up with each other after having a argument August , Wednesday 17th 2016 me and him will text each other and call each other again on Monday of each week me and him use to do for him to firgive me over alot of things been saud and done dor him to call me on his cellphone and to text me on his cellphone for him to want me and want to be with me in his life and for him to ger real close to me never push me away for him to be in love with me and to think about me each and every day Monday-Sunday aand to be highly jeloius over me for him want only me and not to want and be with his ex- wifes Kathleen Louelle Wulf ( Cathey) and Nancy Johnson Davis Wulf and any other woman at all never have sex with none of them at all. For Him To come over my house to be with me and for him to want me to go over his house to be with him to spend time together for him to tell me the truth about what he dose and where he goes never lie to me at all and for me and him to always and forever be together till death due me and part form each other never break up with each other at all for him to never let any one come in between him and me for any kind of reason at all and to read every letter I send him and to keep every letter I send him and for him to come over my house to give me a ride on his Harley - Davidson motorcycle . He is a truck driver he works for Garrott Brother's Contineious Mix Inc in Cross Plains Tennessee and Gallatin Tennessee he delivers cement in his cement truck 76 .I want this prayer and ever prayer I pray for to be answred in my life each and every day Monday -Sunday each week and each month and each year . I thank Jesus for blessing me each and every day in my life. Lucinda Mortina Cherry (Cindy) 106 Clearview Ln. Lafayette Tennessee 37083 My e-mail address

My marriage is struggling. Ive been married 5 yrs and with my husband 10 yrs and we have a 6yr old son together. He is in a halfway house right now and struggling with alot of emotions and takes it out on me and now saying he basically doesnt want me to be be with me out of anger. Please pray for my husband Will, that God just protects him from the attack the devil has on him and this marriage. Please pray for us and our marriage to get thru this and to be restored and strenthening , it so hard on me emotionally and mentally.

Dear god please help me in my hour of need I'm so very tired I need STRENGH and ENERGY I'm going to be homless and lose all my life's possessions all because Ian is having an affair so my life is in tatters and after 29 years together I'm shocked Traumatised and in disbelief . I pray for peace of Ming and a miracle to help me survive this horrific chapter in life I trust and believe in you god I have faith and pray every day Love SHARON. B. xxx

Pray for my son matthew to get well, and for god to come into his heart and give him wisdom and strength. He has autoimmune disease that has had him near death,,, he is just 23. please pray. Thank you so much

My daughter Venice is 20. She is in deep emotional pain, anger, and wants to commit suicide. Please pray for her healing. Thank you, from Amy her mom.


My mother is in pain due to a back injury. Please pray for her healing. Thank you. Bless you.

Prayers for individual having job interview today. Facing s panel and drilled on s submitted project prayers needed for humility, confidence in work to articulate their answering in detail and with sufficient data. May they share and show qualifications the corporation is seeking. Prayers this God's plan for his life.

My domestic violence abuser, Christopher Scott Pieri is being arraigned in court on September 6. Please pray that he gives his life to God, tells the truth, pleads guilty and takes the 2 year prison sentence offer now! We've already been in court for 6 months!

I pray to feel good, lose some weight and not be insecure.

I pray for steves love and to get on w our happy lives! I really need happiness! Pray for happiness for my kids justin and meds to be approved w tncare and some money.

Please my boss sometimes is very abusive, I need to work a little over 1 year more, pray for me please.

I need prayer for God to restore my marriage

Please pray, right away, for Felicity, my granddaughter. She is depressed, possibly self-harming. Only 12, she is being lead into darkness by friends. Please pray she stays safe, finds Jesus, and joins Christian friends. Dear Jesus, please rescue her. You are the strong, Almighty One. Draw Felicity to you. In Jesus' Name, Amen

Please pray for my daughters Amanda and Cassidy. They both have had bloodwork and Cassidys has come back with thyroid problems and Amanda's has not come back yet. Please pray that nothing is serious and that they will be alright. Please I beg of you .God Bless You All

Please pray for my father Earl. He is very ill and needs healing! Thank you! May you be blessed!

Please help me pray for the soul of the woman who committed adultery with my husband. I pray The Lords intervention so we can get back to trusting and having joy with each other again. Thank you

Pray for total pain relief and physical healing immediately for Lucas Owens

Please pray for my daughter Mallory. She is struggling with bipolar episodes, not wanting to take medicine. Self medicating and struggling with her sexuality. I praying for healing and deliverance.

We own a small business and have a new competitor that's trying hard to put us out of business by under pricing and taking customers. Please pray for God's guidance. We are feeling very discouraged right now. God bless you.

Lord please pray for my marriage. I want my husband back. Take all evil away from him. Open his eyes, mine, and soul. Don't have him hate me. Bring back his love to me. We've been married 34 years and we've been having problems for over a year due to his affair. I beg of you lord not to give up in our marriage. Amen.

Please Kunigunda pray that my Missouri Star sisters will bless my pain with their gifts and make me feel worth something again. I've been & now I'm down. Any blessings are welcome for me and baby Joel... RIP little one!

My name is Renee, please pray for my relationship with Willie we have been seeing each other for four years. I need the Lord to fix our relationship and to help him and his temper and inability to communicate when he gets angry and I ask the Lord to help me to control my mouth even when his is angry and to remove all hindurances from this relationship. Thank you.

Need prayers right now. I am about to give up on my job search. I know someone out there wants to hire a hard worker like me. I've applied to over 50 companies. I have not gotten a response yet or an interview. I really hope I get an interview. Please continue to pray for me. Amen!!!

Please pray all my allergies and sinus and absess infection heal and my energy will return

Today I pray that someone who cares reads this. It doesn't have to be someone perfect in his/her faith. I pray that God works in my life in ways I don't understand. I pray that my faith is resurrected since I feel it fading away. And I pray that a brother or a sister reads this and prays for me because I believer in the power of praying. I pray that I choose to do that right things. I pray to know God better. Please pray for me. I don't want anything else. Just a simple prayer. Thank you..

please pray all my emotiinal stress and exhaustion goes and our planned holiday goes well

I pray for God to perform this miracle my marriage and family needs. I pray for God to restore my marriage and family now.

Prayer for strengthening me and prayer for the two friends that have wronged me and I do forgive them for what they have done.

I need $605.00 to get my car back that was repossessed before they sale it. I need money by tomorrow In all about $1000 please pray that miracle money will manifest in my life. Elrico Birdow in Irving Texas

I need prayers for healing God protection the holy spirit guidiances I have tried all my life to work and pay my bills I have help many even in the church all I gottan was betrayal lied on abused I'm tired blockages all around police threats shame and those I trust don't like how I raise my grandchildren and yet they living in sin prospering yet I suffer why had three person on their dying bed tells me to leave Louisiana I need the money to do so a paying job and a place to live pray God in Jesus name will strength me lead and guide me take care of those who betrayed me special desi rheams melody and her son Cory etc keeping them far from me thanks in Jesus name.

Dear god kthank you for listening to my prayers god time is running out I'm so very tired my health is being affected mentally physically and emotionally I pray for the strength to get through my days and nights Soon I will be homless and have nothing I need sleep and security and work to be able to survive please god help me as I'm trying desperately trying to keep going I'm so lonely I don't know how long I can keep going I'm exhausted with the stress and anxiety It's so overwhelming pleas help those in the same position god I thank you and continue to pray and believe you will save me Amen Sharon. B

Pls pray for my daughter maya Contreras. She is in 8th grade and is having problems with other kids. Pls pray that she will get thru this and find some real friends who don't hurt her. Thank you God bless.

Please pray for me and my future husband. Please pray that God blesses me with my first kiss soon. I am 26 and never been kissed by a man. I am a rare gem that hasn't been found by a man yet. I hope my first kiss will be special and worth the wait. I am tired of waiting for my first kiss. I can't wait for my first kiss. I feel like God has forgotten about me and He doesn't want me to experience my first kiss. I feel like God doesn't want me to be happy. I feel left out. No man wants me. I am unloved, unwanted and unchosen by a man. Pray that God blesses me with a husband soon. I am tired of doing life alone. I want a man to share my life with. I never had a boyfriend before, never been kissed or been on a date. I feel ugly and not beautiful. I feel invisible and that men don't know that I even exist. No man has ever asked me out on a date before.I am scared that no man will ever want to marry me being a vegetarian. I am lonely and tired of being alone. I feel like God doesn't want me to ever get married. I desire marriage being a wife and a mom. I am still a virgin waiting for sex on my wedding night. It is hard being a virgin waiting for sex. I can't wait to know what sex feels like and to experience this beautiful gift from God that he created for a husband and wife. I hope my future husband is a virgin just like me. I hope our wedding night will be special and worth the wait.I feel like God doesn't want to give me my hearts desires. I feel like God hates me and He doesn't love me. I feel like He is punishing me. I feel like God doesn't see all my tears that I cry for a husband. I feel like the best is not yet to come in my life. Good things never happen to me. Thanks, Natalie

Please pray, right away, for Felicity, my granddaughter. She is depressed, possibly self-harming. Only 12, she is being lead into darkness by friends. Please pray she stays safe, finds Jesus, and joins Christian friends. Dear Jesus, please rescue her. You are the strong, Almighty One. Draw Felicity to you. In Jesus' Name, Amen

Praise the Lord Please pray for me to pass my driving test on 3 rd September thank you

I got in a car accident and I can walk I lost it all love one in all.

My name is Patti, I'm one of your partners and this is how I know you praye for others. My sister Janet went to the doctor today and the report was she has lesions on the brain. She is being sent to see a neurologist and she's a Christian as I am. She called me in tears and afraid and we prayed. I'm asking you to hold her up in prayer that God will heal her of this affliction. We both believe in healing also. Thank you...

our addict son. so heartbreaking. the lies stealing not working etc.. has,a 16 mth old and one on way. God plez prtect the babies and help their parents to know you and heal their addiction. they need a miracle. please Lord. Thank you for your prayers .God bless

please pray with me. Thankyou Lord that your kingdom of heaven has come. Christ consciousness has been increasing and overflowing into our world now in heavenly ways. All has become more wonderfully positive, more magnificently heavenly, godly, blissful, more than any person could possibly imagine. All hearts are now on fire for Jesus. Jesus has become the king and ruler of the world now. Jesus is here now to receive his bride. In Jesus name. Amen

please pray my husband stops his bullying and puts his marriage and children first.

primeiramente fora temer segundamente Cultura para TODOS e o Skaf é farinha do mesmo saco

My name is billy iam all alone in this world and deeply in debt and about to be homeless after todayi have my faith in our father and Jesus i need a miracle today please pray for me right away for i am in need of a miracle now.May God bless you all.

Dear god please give me the strength and show me the way I'm tired and frightend I need a miracle to help me find a place to live and work to be able to afford it 6weeks and I'm homeless and running around in circles desperately trying to survive please help me god I don't know how much longer I can go on Please Take the stress and worry away god i feel like giving up as i have lost everything ,its making me ill and I'm fighting for my life now I trust and believe in you and have faith as you hear my prayers every day and night . Help me god help me . Love from my Heart and soul Sharon B . Xxx please help people who are in the same situation god no more suffering .

God I beg You for Your glory and happiness please save this marriage and protect it now in Jesus name amen and I pray we get in contact very soon.

Please pray my son looks after his health and hygiene and our holiday will take place as planned and go well.

Please pray for my sister's forehead.

Please pray my son and husband stop their bullying towards me and that my husband comes back to the marriage.

This might now sound important to some but I'm a single mom of 2 I've been single for almost 16 years and I'm lonely. I'm in love with one of my friends he says he cares about me but that he's in love with someone else, he's in love with a married woman. Please pray that he can let her go and that he can give me his heart, I will do everything possible to make him happy and to love him. I really want to build a life with him. He means a lot to me and I can see in his eyes that he does care, thanks.

Please pray for me. My name is Ruth. I am not sure if I am where I want to be in my life or more importantly if I am where He wants me to be.

My wonderful fiancée, Justin, has Hodgkin's lymphoma. It has spread to his brain and stomach. The doctors say there is nothing they can do. He's only 25 and in so much pain. Please claim with thanksgiving a full restoration to his body. We want to get married and have children and watch them grow together. Thank you.

Dear Jesus, Let the silence be broken Let the forgiveness be forgiven Let trust be regained between us Let the stubbornness be removed from Chris's heart Let the pride be removed from Chris's heart Let the pain I've caused be removed from his heart Jesus as time continues let us begin to talk more Jesus let us sit down and work out our differences the correct way Jesus be in the mist of the relationship with bringing us together again in Jesus name I pray we will get through the this tough time that is designed to destroy Chris and I family Amen.

Healing prayers for Gord Downie. Peace and thanks.

Heavenly Father, I praise and worship You. I cover myself and Nadege with the Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ as our protection. I pray that the blessed Holy Spirit would enable me during this time of prayer. I take a stand against all the workings of satan that would hind my prayers. I address myself only to the True and Living God. I reject any involvement of satan in my thoughts and words. satan, I command you, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, to leave mine and Nadege presence with all your demons. I bring the Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ between you and me, I bring the Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ between you and Nadege For greater is He that lives within us then you who lives in the world! Heavenly Father, I recognize that You are worthy to receive all glory, honor and praise. I am thankful that You have loved Nadege and I from past eternity. That You sent the Lord Jesus Christ into the world to die as Nadege and I's substitute. I am thankful that Jesus came as my representative and that through Him You have completely forgiven Nadege and I, You have adopted Nadege and I into Your family, You have assumed all responsibility for Nadege and I, You have given Nadege and I eternal life, You have given Nadege and I the perfect righteousness of the Lord Jesus Christ, so we are now justified. I am thankful that in Him, You have made Nadege and I complete, and that You have offered Yourself to Nadege and I to be our daily help and strength. Heavenly Father, open Nadege and mine eyes that we might see how great You are and how complete Your provision is for us this day. I am thankful that the victory the Lord Jesus Christ won for Nadege and I on the Cross and in His resurrection has been given to us seating us with the Lord Jesus Christ in the Heavenlies. I recognize by faith that all wicked spirits and satan himself are under mine and Nadege feet. I declare, therefore, that satan and his wicked spirits are subject to Nadege and I in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. I am thankful for the spiritiual Armor You have provided. I put upon Nadege and I, the Girdle of Truth, the Breastplate of Righteousness, the Sandals of Peace, and the Helmet of Salvation. I lift up for Nadege and I the Shield of Faith against all the fiery darts of the enemy, and I take in hand for Nadege and I, the Sword of the Spirit, the Word of God. I choose to use Your Word against all the forces of evil in mine and Nadege life and marriage. I put this Armor on us and live in complete dependence on You. I refuse in this day to believe my feelings. I hold up the Shield of Faith against all accusations, distortions, and insinuations that satan would put into mine and Nadege minds. I claim the fullness of the Will of God for our lives today. I am thankful, Heavenly Father, that the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds, to the casting down of imagination and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, and to bring every thought into obedience to the Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore, in Nadege and I lives and marriage today I tear down the strongholds of satan and smash the plans of satan that have been formed against us. I tear down the strongholds of satan against mine and Nadege minds, and I surrender our minds to you, blessed Holy Spirit. I affirm, Heavenly Father, that You have not given Nadege and I the spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of strong mind. I break and smash the strongholds of satan formed against Nadege and I's emotions today and I give our emotions to You. I smash the strongholds of satan formed against Nadege and I's wills today, I give our wills to You and we choose to make the right decisions of faith. I smash the strongholds of satan formed against Nadege and I's bodies today, I give our bodys to You recognizing that we are Your temples. I rejoice in Your mercy and goodness. I am grateful, Heavenly Father, that Lord Jesus Christ spoiled all the principalities and powers triumphing over them in Himself. I claim all that victory for mine and Nadege life and marriage today. I reject all the insinuations, accusations, and the temptations of satan that come against both Nadege and I. I affirm that the Word of God is true. I choose to live today in the light of God's Word. I choose, Heavenly Father, to live in obedience to You and in fellowship with Yourself. Open mine and Nadege eyes and show us the areas of our lives that do not please You. Work in Nadege and I to cleanse us from all areas in our lives that would give satan a foothold against us. Have us in every way stand in all that it means to be Your adopted child. Have us welcome all the ministry of the Holy Spirit into our lives. By faith and in dependance of You, may we put off fleshly works. Let Nadege and I stand in all the victory of the resurrection and the provision He had made for us to live above sin. Today, have Nadege and I put off all forms of selfishness and put on love. Let Nadege and I put off all forms of fear and put on courage. Have Nadege and I put off all forms of weakness and put on strength. Have Nadege and I put off all forms of lust and put on righteousness, purity, and honesty. I am trusting in You to show Nadege and I how to make this practical in our daily lives. I stand in the victory of the ascension and glorification of the Lord Jesus Christ, where all the principalities and powers were made subject to Him. I claim mine and Nadege places in Christ as victorious with Him over all the enemies of our souls. I completely surrender Nadege and I, and our marriage, to You Heavenly Father, as a living sacrifice. I choose that we not be conformed to this world. I choose that Nadege and I be transformed by the renewing of our minds. I pray that You would show Nadege and I Your will and enable us to walk in all the fullness of Your will today. Blessed Holy Spirit, I pray that You would fill Nadege and I. Come into mine and Nadege lives, break down every idol and cast out every foe. I am thankful that You have made a provision, so that today Nadege and I can lived filled with the Spirit of God with love, joy, peace, long-suffering, gentleness, goodness, meekness, faithfulness, and self control in our lives. I recognize that this is Your will for Nadege and I. I therefore reject and resist all the endeavors of satan to rob Nadege and I of the will of God. Heavenly Father, I pray that now and through this day You would strengthen and enlighten Nadege and I. Show Nadege and I the way satan is hindering, tempting, lying and distorting the truth in our lives. Enable Nadege and I to be the kind of persons that would please You. Enable Nadege and I to be aggressive in prayer and in trusting You. Enable Nadege and I to be aggressive mentally, to think about and practice Your Word, and to give You Your rightful place in our lives. Again, I pray that You, blessed Holy Spirit, would bring all the work of the crucifixion, all the work of the resurrection, all the work of the glorification, and all the work of the Penecost into mine and Nadege life and marriage today. I surrender Nadege and I, and our marriage, to You. I refuse to be dscouraged, I refuse to be defeated. For You are the God of all hope. You have proven Your power by resurrecting Jesus Christ from the dead, and I claim in every way this victory over all the satanic forces in mine and Nadege life and marriage. I pray this all in the precious Name of the Lord Jesus Christ with thanksgiving. I love and honor and bless You every day of our lives Lord, You rescue us from the snare of Your enemy because of Your unfailing love for us, and we give all praise and glory to You! Amen, Amen, Amen.

Eu desejo muito ficar rico. Tipo assim bilionário, mais que o Bill Gates e o Steve Jobs juntos.

A prayer for my beloved son. I ask God to heal him from all hurts pains and aches from past and present and renew his and his family's life with love forgiveness and compassion for all. Erase all negative energy fom his body mind and soul. I belive in the power of prayers. Thank you God for all your blessings. Prayer for my daughter and her family who is raising her family as a single parent. She is struggling to give her family and herself a better life. Answer all her prayers to have abetter life and have a better house which she can call her own. Bless her with financial securities to solve all her problems. Thank you God for hearing my prayers and granting my wishes daily in my life.

Please pray for my grandson Christopher.

Pray that I can breathe normally. Back pain,ear infection and congestion be healed and to lose weight in Jesus Name I Pray, Amen.

Please pray me i have nerve damage and heart disease pray that God will touch me and heal me.

The nurse at my doctor called me last week and said my test results showed something abnormal and I have to go in and talk to the doctor tomorrow about it to find out what that means.. I'm very scared and nervous. Please pray for me.

Pray for knowing if I should marry my fiancé or not, and if she is not the right one God has for me, for us to not only know certainly, but us be prevented from marrying, or for if to be her decision. And for God's grace and strength to handle that. And if it is God's will for us together then for her salvation beforehand, and a strengthening of our relationship.

My name is Talsia Jenkins I found out I have hodgkins lymphoma in the midst of finding out my husband left to be with another woman he has no heart and no remorse about me, I am asking for prayers that the Lord will touch his heart and mind and he will completely surrender his life to him. He is currently in another relationship with another woman I am asking that the Lord will touch this woman heart and mind and convict her to surrender her life to God completely.

God be merciful to a and i we are sinners Lord we separated because we were arguing too much please let us be reconciled now in Jesus name and put love in her heart for me now and always and as for the men trying to get at her stop them Lord they are breaking my heart and I pray for sign of encouragnemtn if that is okay in Jesus name and power for His glory so believers may be encouraged and non believers may believe in Jesus name amen be merciful to us to God we are idiots and and really stupid.

Pray that I can breathe normally. Back pain,ear infection and congestion be healed and to lose weight in Jesus Name I Pray, Amen.

Please pray for my Son he is in a abusive marriage his wife is so mean to him it's affecting him so bad he has begged and begged her to stop and he has tried to make it work but she gets worse he needs strong power to get out of this marriage it's making him sick.

Dear god thank you for listening my daily prayer for help to find somewhere to live And the money in which to be able to do this I need my health to improve and so enabling me to work I count my blessings but don't want to be homeless thank you lord for your love and guidance I continue to pray and wait for the miracle and bless those in the same position as me bless you lord god I have faith and trust and know you are helping Love from my heart and soul Sharon x.

I'm so scared breast cancer has come back please pray for my health.

im asking pray for my sons .they need jobs right now I'm god to give them favor.

I'm praying for my health and for my relationship with someone I love we are separated. Right because of different things.

oh god please help me

Dear god i am Desperate for somewhere to live and money to survive i THANKYOU for your guidance and love and pray for people in the same position I count my blessings but now I'm about to lose everything help me lord In my hours of need all my love SB.

Where do I Start Lord only knows my heart is heavy right now I have so much I need prayer for please pray for my marriage,kids,financial situation,job better pay job,our living status we are living with family when all it is is arguing and fighting so much please pray for the removing of poverty and voodoo that is placed upon me my husband and kids our lives to be closer to the Lord

Pray that I can breathe normally. Back pain,ear infection and congestion be healed and to lose weight in Jesus Name I Pray, Amen. 

I pray for somewhere to live and feel secure I pray for my health to get better I pray for a finacial miracle to help me survive and continue my journey to help others and do gods work THANKYOU all my love trust and faith Amen x N.

My name is sandra aceves I have problems with my colon i am asking for healing I have abdominal pain aND some bleeding, thank you God Bless you.

Peace for all people everywhere!!!

Please pray for grandson Christopher and his attorny and judge m.

Pray that I can breathe normally. Back pain,ear infection and congestion be healed in Jesus Name I Pray, Amen.

Peço mais pessoas no meu Espaço de Vida Saudável, localizado na Rua Helena,285-cj.84-Vila Olimpia. Quero ajudar cada vez mais pessoas a ter mais saúde e passar por momentos de alegria e disposição! Que assim seja Amém

Rezo pela paz interior e saúde minha e familiares.

I would like to pray for my husband to improve and for the cancer to leave him.

Pray for my wife's friend she is in the hospital sick with cancer pray that Good will touch her and heal her and give her strength.

pai nosso

Please pray that people will understand that we cannot wait for God to heal all injustice in the world. There is so much we can do now. Pray that people will be kind to each other, understanding of each other's problems and points of view, and willing to take a step to make their neighbor more comfortable where they are in world. Much love and peace!

Please pray for Rick Olmo that his injured arm heal completely and that his COPD greatly improve so he can breathe better and have better quality of life Thankyou.

God please intervene into this situation. Remove the pain and hurt I cause over the years in her heart. Lord as you know Shawn say she forgave me but is still holding on to it Remove the ungodly counsel from around. Remind of the love in her heart for me. Reminder how much I love her. The emeny is stirring up all her past hurts and using to attack our marriage. Father restore and renew our marriage according to your word.

Dear lord i need your guidance in the situation im in im around negative people even my spouse is curseing at me putting hands on me no matter what i do its never enough ive lost my kids i need u lord tell me what to do


Please pray for my husband. He had not worked in months. He needs a job so bad. We are about to lose our home and so far behind on our bills. Lord help us.

Pray for my wife chaney to go into labor in the next 24 hrs she 39 weeks and half pregrant and I want her to avoid a c section lord So let her body go into labor the next 24 hrs lord.

Asking for prayers for my children and self so we can have a job with good people . In are finances at school in other things . And my fiancé Bobby that things go well between us.

Please pray for my brother Joseph that he would have shelter . my sister Barbara that she have peace of mind .the enemy attacking her mind . my brother danny that may God open a door for him thank you God bless.

Dear Jesus First I would like to thank you for everything that you do for me life, health, job, food, a car to drive a place to stay a healthy child. I asking in the name of Jesus for you to move my neighbor Jesus you know the things that she is doing and I pray you health me and my child get through rhis unharmed because she is acting out. I pray that something can be done about it and I pray that this landlord and regional manager do what they have to do so know one can get hurt. Please in your name my father amen.

For all athletes competing in Rio 2016.  Prayers for a great games for everyone.

Deliver Christophe from the evil oppressing his soul and crushing his neck by the weight of its hatred. Appease his chaotic mind and torn heart from all humanity's foul hatred. Undo what was once sent upon him and free him from hell. Appease his body from all the maladies of the soul and heart of too much pain felt through pain seen. Give him respite, grant him a lasting happiness and peace. Enough tears were shed. Time to help him.

God bless you. Peace for all of us.

Para minha amiga querida Camilla sentir muita, muita, muita paz! Para o canal do Felippe dar muito certo!

Que a Fernanda consiga ir para Madri encontrar o autor dela 

I just applied for college today. I'm so excited and nervous. I really want to go to A&M but I'm not exactly qualified and I just hope that my essays were enought to get me in. Please pray for me.

Please pray for faith so that she can carry her baby.

Please pray for my son Damien Beverly that the DA and you State will out Amen Thanks for yall praying for him.

I accidently Quit my job, they were Not paying my commissions & treating me bad. 4 1/2 years & Never missed a day, and were yelling at me &; got in my face, I ended up getting paid my commissions really late, I never call out, nor late, don't drink or smoke & the person whom does payroll is new & has tried to turn others against me, not succeeded but has really been mean to me for no reason. I texted my boss if we may work something out, I don't work there morning usually Afternoon & Eve & he replied that for the passed (2) weeks I have had strange behavior which is Not true, I have received compliments from clients & employees and feel that this person may be gossiping and hates me, so I replied to my bosses text that I did Not agree to discuss Assumptions that are lies,& he did not witness this. I have a clean record w/ the company & Im usually used to train new hires, Im quiet & never goof off. This person in accounting has issues paying me always, since december & is not by boss. Please pray I get my old job back ASAP.

Please ask God to protect me from cruelty and injustice, to offer me safe haven, to wrap his arms Around me like armor so that I do not get hurt... Please ask him to be my companion and help me lead a productive life.

PLEASE. Pray. Fo me because. I am ready to walk off this job I am trying hard to be the best worker I can be but they keep pushing me and Z have had it pray for a guy I know in the PHILIPPINES he need God provision for rent

Please pray for my grandson Christopher and his attorney

Peace on earth.  Thank you.

Healing and restoration in my mind body and spirit and a financial blessing for VL

Hi my name is Linda Swinney a Navy Veteran. I need prayer please to get rid of generational blockage I am experiencing in my life! Keeping things I am seeking out to begin,goals,etc. This blockage delaying my goals. Keeping things at a standstill. I need this gone out of my life. Thank you Linda Swinney

Personal prayer for children, d jr, James,trnel and grand children, family. Salvation, protection, deliverance and peace of mind. Special prayer for Jimmy as well. Prayer for 24/7 deliverance service Sunday.

Dear God thank you for everything you done and continue do in my life and my family s life ... Specially peace you give me in my spiritual mind and peace with all the visible and invisible enemies ..... Also you take away all my husband addiction and reunite us together in a very good way . thank you so much Father God ... Loves you

Please pray for strength for daughter to find a place to live find a job and her relationship with her boyfriend as she moves to Pensacola fl

God bless you. Peace for all of us.


I need prayers for my brother, as we both have had serious trauma in our lives. He has made some decisions that negatively effect me and my family's life, and now that he has the ability to right the wrongs, he has disappeared. My anxiety is overwhelming and I am having a tremendously hard time controlling it, as all I can do is wait on my brother to contact me back.

Thank you Jesus for answering My Prayers! Please Pray and Believe with me that all my Out Standing Medical Bills will accept more than a 75% Reduction an will answer back very Quickly to my lawyer and that my Lawyer be more than Fair with me! I Pray this is all Done and Finished by my Birthday I JESUS Mighty Name I give Jesus all the Praise Glory an Honor Hallelujah Thank You God an Holy Spirit Amen Amen Amen.

I need a man named Eddie to approve of an exorcism. A demon is poking and clinging to me. Eddie and his wife although they can remove the demon, wont. I think it's wrong of Eddie but pray he opens his eyes and decides to cast out this devil. I am in extreme pain from the demon. Thanks.

Healing prayers for K.C. Please help us to forgive.  Thank you.

Please pray for Jillian...that the false accusations will be revealed, that God will protect her and her son from being separated and that the accuser will repent.

Please pray for my son Phillip Charles Cejudo he suddenly started suffering from schizophrenia , paramoia, he was a normal young man but his brain is scarred. He is 30 years old is a loving warm hearted person. Also please for my grandson Nathan Stanley Cejudo he is 17 years old and has gotten himself in a gang our family are all decent to college grads and military officer. We sent him to a boarding school in Utah until he is 18 years old, please pray so that he gets back onto his right path in life and has a bright future. Thank you very much. I miss Sylvia Browne. She visited me once. God bless you

Please pray for my son his name is markeal Davis he goes to child support tomorrow please pray God give him time too get some money he has no job right now but theer mom has job thou so he need gods favor

Hi the man of god pls help me i am stack i need emergency help for financial help pls mercle many in to my bank pulas i ask to one rich person abdel to help me pks help me pray for me same one to hlpe me and to clir for me the billi i have and bring my daughter back home. Thanks i know u can do it.

pray to find clarity and calm my inside demons that hunts me forever in my head

peace and respect. I wish that we human beings realise how great life can be if we respect mother Earth and each other´s color, religion, opinion, beliefs etc before the world colapses.

Please pray for my friend Kourtnay who is fighting an illness that has left him distraught and depressed. Please pray for guidance and strength to heal his body and mind so he can live his highest calling. Thank you.

Im in tears I'm in a desperate need of prayer from everyone all around you im starting to open my eyes and realizes what's going im a teenager and I'm finally staring to seek god before its to late i need a prayer for my family because my aunt is true beliver of jesus Christ but my family tend to mock and rarely go to church anymore they only go on special accusations like partys my grandmother all ways use to make us go to church as a whole but as we got older we stop going and grandmother continued seeking god with her i want my family to wake and realize where at the end of times and we need to repent and seek god before its to late plz help plz pray because we fall short everyday of his glory and lose hope of him i beg you plz pray for lewiss family i know i may be a stranger but plz help us!!!!!!!!

Someone spoke against our relationship saying that if my husband fernando Gonzalez gets citizenship that my Medicaid waiver might get cut, I say it doesn't matter if my Medicaid waiver gets cut, as long as he gets citizenship and we could support our-selves financially.

That God will give me and my children unmeasurable favor that God will restore everything that the devil has stolen from me and increase it in 7 folds.

Hey Lord, I'm here, =), i wanna travel and be rich, right now. Tnx By: Johnathan

Orlando Magic auditions please send dancer number 35 to final 30 in the name of Jesus Christ

I am suffering badly with depression and stress and would appreciate your prayers. My depression is very severe and long term and I also have stress related health problems. Every day has become very difficult, and I really need God`s healing and strength. I feel so scared and very alone. Please pray for me. Thank you.

Please pray for my son erik that they cancel his court day in august. It has been re scheduled for 3 yrs .That they throw out for good.So please keep him in your prayers

Please pray for me and my 9 year old daughter that God heals us of our crossed eyes. It's made me so unhappy and depressed, don't want the same for my daughter when she grows older and become conscious of her eyes.

I Desiree Felton is praying for favor , protection from my enemies , peace in my household . A money blessing .

My husband bad lost his job standing up to trying to the right.. Bu the hospital don't not like it He is the fincinal directors he had only been with them 3 month after woo him from a steady snob in another state we are going on 3 month with lose of possible but no offer. I have grandmal seizure and both kids under age of 6 have are special need.please prayer for joke offer on the next week or we will be on the street. Love Steph

Prong has controll of are family and drugs my sister did this pray for us

I am suffering badly with depression and stress and would appreciate your prayers. My depression is very severe and long term and I also have stress related health problems. Every day has become very difficult, and I really need God`s healing and strength. I feel so scared and very alone. Please pray for me. Thank you.

Pray for my wife she has some health problems and and she is worried about losing her job she is under a lot of stress.

My grandson Mason who is 3 years old- diagnosed with Apraxia yesterday. Praise the Lord that he is a normal little boy except for his speech. Please pray that the process of speech therapy is effective and God brings total healing and restoration to his little brain. I am grateful for prayer warriors that intervene to our Father on Mason's behalf.

My prayer request is That my x wife can find forgiveness in her heart for me and so we can be a family again . I pray Jesus can hear me.

Pray for my health and healing pray that God will touch and bless me.

Please pray for my wife's friend pray for her healing and that God will touch and restore her health.


Prayer request for Jamaal & Kenesha, for their relationship to be restored and for them to walk together in harmony and to be fruitful and multiply. All in Jesus name!

Pray this summer lasts forever.

My nephew Geovanni is under demonic influence. He opened doors through hallucinogenic drugs and rao music. Agree with me that the blood of Jesus is more powerful and can deliver him from his bondage. In Jesus Name.

Healing prayers for Leslie Grainger in Az.


God bless Papa.

Peace on Earth!!!

I pray for John Michael Would (Wolf) 633 Napier Ln. Westmoreland, Tennessee 37186 to call me on his cellphone and text me on his cellphone Monday of each week him to tell me the truth about what he dose and where he goes never lie to me at all him to come over my house to be with me for him to want me to go over his house to be with him for him to never want his ex-wife Nancy Johnson Davis Would and any other woman for him to desire me and want me never push me away for any kind of reason him to get real close to me and for him to never let anyone come in between me and him at all him to think about me each and every day Monday - Sunday each month and each year for him to be jelious over me he is a truck driver he works at Garrott Brother's Continuous Mix at Cross Plains Tennessee and Gallatin Tennessee he delivers cement in his cement truck 76 . I need a place cheaper from where I live allows pets to keep my truck on the road and to lose a lot of weight in my stomach and my butt and thighs and legs my hair to grow longer and thicker. My momma to treat me better she doing to me stop pushing me away my roommate Vernon Entity Pryor to have his car fix to keep it on the road. I thank Jesus each and every y day for a lot of things he done for me and for my family and friends in my life and blessing me with his love and answering my prayers. Lucindaortina Cherry 106 Clear view Ln. Lafayette ,Tennessee 37083 Thank You!

Please pray I don't get in trouble and loose my job tomorrow please let everything b ok